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Questions and Answers about the Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks are one of the subtypes of dreadlocks which is a protective hairstyle. A versatile hairstyle that is made up of several tiny-sized dreadlocks. The locks are very tiny and micro-sized, ready for transition via braids, color, or wear them wild free. The locs are created using particular tools to obtain the desired diameter and look in this type.

Sisterlocks are created by taking a much smaller portion of the hair. Moreover, compared to other locs, the dreadlocks are formed from the hair ends to the roots. This is the hairstyle that doesn’t require any hair product such as hair wax, hair gels, or hair oils for setting the locs. Further, the sisterlocks are permanent, and they are allowed to mature over a while with retightening sessions.

Sisterlocks is an expensive hairstyle that requires an extra budget for a retightening session. Most people pay from $500 to $800 per sitting for getting the sisterlocks. In other cases, the charges are more than $800 and range to $2500 depending on the hair type, hair texture, and volume. Here are some factors that determine the cost of sisterlocks:

Size of your head:

It is another factor that contributes to the cost of sister locks. If you have a large head, you have more hair on the scalp needed to be covered by sisterlocks. From 250 to 500 sisterlocks are enough to cover the hair, but the number can be increased depending on the hair texture. 

Length of your hair:

If you have lengthy hair, more time and struggle will be required to transform them into micro-sized locs. Hence, the loctician will charge you extra for every inch of your hair length. 


Some locticians charge according to their skills and professional experience, So, you must visit a few locticians and choose the one that sets according to your budget. 


Keep in mind that the rates also vary depending upon your location. Various locations of the hair consultants are expensive due to the commercial areas. In contrast, others in the backward area may charge less. Therefore, the charges must not be the deciding factor if you want to get the sisterlocks. Further, it is essential to contact a hair expert or a loctician to get the initial analysis done and get a quote.

Apart from the consultation session, the hairstyle also needs extra visits to the loctician for retightening of the locks. The retightening session charges are extra to consider in your budget while choosing this hairstyle.

Every hair treatment and hairstyle comes with some pros and cons that must be considered before getting the look. Here are some pros and cons of getting the sister locks:

Pros of sisterlocks (Natural look,Versatile, Low-maintenance, Freedom)

Natural look

The sisterlocks look natural as they are tiny-sized dreadlocks created with the help of a unique tool. In addition, they look representable without using any amazing hair care products, as they look good when they are neat and clean. 


From wearing the locks free and wild to styling them into braids, there are endless ways of styling sisterlocks. As the sisterlocks are thin, they look fuller to your head without any further styling. 


There is no need to use expensive hair care products such as cleansers and conditioners to keep them in good shape. Instead, the locks look fresh and neat when washed with a simple residue-free shampoo. 


Sisterlocks allow you to stay worry-free in the rainy and damp season. In a rainy and humid environment, the weather mainly affects the hair and messes up. With thin sisterlocks, you can enjoy the rain and cam jump into the pool without worrying about your hair.

Cons of sisterlocks (Expensive, Retwisting)


The cons of this hairstyle include the initial cost spent to get the desired look. It is one of the expensive hairstyles that costs $1000, including the consultation and initial installation cost. Further, the retwisting sessions charge extra for their maintenance. 


To keep the locks in good shape, you will need to visit your loctician on and off for retwisting sessions. Retwisting is required to keep them in good shape as with the hair growth. It is not possible to interlock the new growth at home. Hence, maintenance is a necessary component to keep your locks in their professional shape. 

Traditional locsare easy to create as they don’t have a specific size or diameter. On the other hand, sisterlocks are Microlocs created by partitioning your head into tiny sections. Apart from that, here are some fundamental differences between the traditional locs and sisterlocks. 


One of the major differences between sisterlocks and traditional locs is their size. Sisterlocks are tiny-sized locs created by partying the hair into various tiny sections. On the other hand, traditional locs come in thicker, medium, and small diameters. Only 20 thicker traditional locs are enough to cover the whole head. 


The significant difference between the sisterlocks and traditional locs is the technique used for their creation. Sisterlocks are created by using a specific tool that creates small locs. On the other hand, traditional locs are generally created by palm-rolling or matting techniques to create larger locs using hair wax or hair balm. 


Sisterlocks are low-maintenance dreadlocks that only require retwisting sessions for their maintenance. However, keeping the traditional locks in good shape requires full attention and care while washing, cleaning, and sleeping with dreadlocks. Further, it requires an extra budget for expensive hair care products to keep the locs in good condition. 

To get the perfect sisterlocks, it is required to do the initial preparation of the hair. This is the only hairstyle that requires a proper prep session before starting the loc journey. It is performed by washing the hair twice or thrice as your loctician guides you.

For the first time wash, you need to wash the hair by doing a deep conditioning treatment to remove any dirt particles, sweating and moisturizing residues, and more. A deep cleaning session of hair wash using high-quality products is a good idea to get clean, fresh, and healthy hair.

For the second or last wash, you need to do a hot oil treatment for your hair before final washing. This step is performed to lock the moisture in the hair to get shinny dreads at the end. Again, you can consult your loctician to get an idea of the prep sessions according to your hair type.