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Afro Kinky Bulk Human Hair 8"(1oz /Park) (#27 Honey Blonde)

3-7 days delivery worldwide ---30 days hassle-free return/refund

Product highlights:

  • Afro Kinky human hair available in honey blonde shade
  • Helps increasing hair volume and thickness and fix broken Locs
  • Each pack of hair contains 1oz/ 30g hair
  • It is not advisable to bleach any other colored hair except natural black


Honey blonde, a natural and warm color is perfect for medium skin tones and works best with dark blonde or light brown roots. This color looks amazing on those having dark eyes as it has the ability to bring out golden flecks in these eyes. Get perfect human hair for honey blonde shade and add thickness to your existing hair to make all types of hairstyles of your choice. Get your hair dyed with natural black shade as any other hair color is not advisable to dye. If you plan to get hair fixed all over your head then you need 3-4 packs of hair to cover your head. Each pack of hair contains 1oz or 30 grams of hair.

Return and refund policy:

We advise you to order on our website for your favorite color and get your parcel delivered in 3-7 business days. In case you are not satisfied with our product, we offer 30 days money back guarantee. Place your order now and get a free gift.