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Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions Color Grey

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Handmade Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions that look and feel like naturally grown dreadlocks. They may be added to existing locs to increase their length or repair damaged locs. 

These Afro bulk human hair in the shade honey blonde blends with the skin colour and enhances your facial features. 

Each one of our locs is handcrafted by our professionals. Made with 100% human hair, our dreadlocks are light on the head and perfect for African-American men, women, kids etc. 

NATURAL: 100% real human hair to enhance and volumize your natural hair.

STYLE AND DURABILITY: Your hair, your look. Durable, long-lasting and above all, these handmade human hair dreadlock extensions are customizable and can be styled as per your wish. 

HEAT RESISTANT: Don’t dread to heat your dreadlocks, as we provide you with the finest quality heat-resistant extensions to nail your style statement. 

MAINTENANCE: Any look, style, any way you like it!. With no regular maintenance. Our Human Hair Dreadlock extensions are for everyone, including; men, women, kids, etc. 

EASY TO APPLY: Furthermore, these can get applied to your existing locks without trouble. 

DYE AND BLEACH FRIENDLY: Let your colour thrive. Our handmade hair dreadlock extensions are curled, dyed friendly. 

ADVANTAGES: Also, it can get trimmed according to your length and comes with 0.6 thickness and good density to cover the entire head. 


What are the available lengths and thicknesses?

Our Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, from 0.6cm- 6INCH to 0.6cm-18INCH and from 0.8cm -6NCH to 0.8cm -18INCH


Color Grey
Material Human Hair
Installation Type Crochet-in
Hair Type Afro-Kinky

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa S

I was able to color these and the color took very well. I had great customer service from the owner and I am very pleased with the product itself, I mean these look and feel like locs!

Please treat the loc extensions gently and carefully, like it is yours. It is more durable and easy to care and if you protect it well. Don't soak it a too long time. Dry it in time after washing. It can be used for a longer time, More than 1 year.

Of course,Can be bleach and dyed by yourself. our locs made from 100% natural human hair, you are free to dye and bleach.

Yes, Can be removed. There are many videos on Yoitube, you can get it easily.

To maximize its lifespan, we recommend constantly washing the hair in cold or warm water, adding some shampoo and massaging gently, rinsing thoroughly in cold water then letting it dry naturally.

Yes. We use human hair to make our locs from 100% human hair. We have the process of making the dreadlocks tested by burning, in which natural human hair emits white smoke and turns to ashes with the touch of a finger. Synthetic hair emits black smoke when it burns and turns into a sticky ball.

The number of extension locs you need depends upon the size of your head and the thickness of your hair. On average most customers only need 60-80 locs. This is usually more than enough for even very thick, long hair and big heads.