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Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions Color 4(Light Brown)

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✔️Ships out in 48H

✔️Free gift----needle, cap,accessories

Sold in 10 Locs per bundle


Quit envying famous rappers and athletes for their stylish locs! Score an even better set of strands for yourself. Our Remy loc extensions are handcrafted with attention to detail from pure human hair, just waiting for you to create your dreadlocks or add significant volume and length for your hip-hop style.

The hair strands are firm and bound firmly for a no-fray, no frizz experience in rich chocolate brown. They join effortlessly with your natural locs and, once crocheted, are permanent until you decide to remove them. They’re an excellent solution for long locs now instead of waiting patiently for a couple of years.

Handcrafted from healthy human hair, our locs:

  • Available in small 0.6cm and medium 0.8cm diameters
  • Measure 6-18 inches long
  • Packaged with 10 extension strand locs (you may need 4-6 packs for a full head)
  • Clean, odor-free and ready to be crocheted immediately or dyed first
  • Include 2 extra locs and fabulous hair accessories – needle, rubber bands, and decorative hair clips

Ready for purchase and, more importantly, ready to transform your hairdo from “Yeah, it’s cool” to “Oh, yeah, Babe, this is Rockin!” Just hit that Add to Cart button up top

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Love the hair

tenisha brown

They were smaller than the ones I previously purchased. I had to crochet two locs together take them bigger.


Just got done washing and conditioning them....Hot water...washed/soaked for a hr.... conditioned/soaked for an hr now I'm about to blow dry. True enough they were stiff at first but what do you expect from condensed hair!?!? Good quality of hair all human in my opinion. Can't wait to install

Felicia Wash

These are permanent loc extensions so my intentions is to have them permanently.
It is going on 4 months now and I have 70 locks in my head. I have washed them multiple times and dyed the ends.
I am very pleased with my purchased and I hope to update after about a year to see the difference and change


The hair arrived on time. Wonderful hair I love them. Haven't installed them yet. Will post a update soon

Please treat the loc extensions gently and carefully, like it is yours. It is more durable and easy to care and if you protect it well. Don't soak it a too long time. Dry it in time after washing. It can be used for a longer time, More than 1 year.

Of course,Can be bleach and dyed by yourself. our locs made from 100% natural human hair, you are free to dye and bleach.

Yes, Can be removed. There are many videos on Yoitube, you can get it easily.

To maximize its lifespan, we recommend constantly washing the hair in cold or warm water, adding some shampoo and massaging gently, rinsing thoroughly in cold water then letting it dry naturally.

Yes. We use human hair to make our locs from 100% human hair. We have the process of making the dreadlocks tested by burning, in which natural human hair emits white smoke and turns to ashes with the touch of a finger. Synthetic hair emits black smoke when it burns and turns into a sticky ball.

The number of extension locs you need depends upon the size of your head and the thickness of your hair. On average most customers only need 60-80 locs. This is usually more than enough for even very thick, long hair and big heads.