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Style your Starter Locs with Latest 20 Hair Styling Ideas

Starter Locs with Latest 20 Hair Styling Ideas


Dreadlocks or starter locs are one of the protective hairstyles popular all around the globe. It is tough to decide on your hair transformation look, but it is a whole new journey once you decide. Starter locs, also called baby locs, are the type of locs that are installed in the hair for starting this particular hairstyle. The first phase of this journey then follows many other phases depending upon the type of your locs.

There are a variety of protective styles for starter locs that are easy to style in no time. To style your starter locs in different styles, it is important to take care of the locs. As the starter locs are the baby locs, it is a critical step that requires extra care. For instance, take care of your baby locs while washing. 

Don’t over-wash the locs; otherwise, the locs will start damaging. In addition, keep them covered while walking in the sun and rain. Further, use a headscarf or a head cap to cover your locs while sleeping. Once the starter locs start growing, they are easy to manage.

This article brings some latest ideas of starter locs styles for females. Being short in length, many people think they are bound to keep them straight for quick hair growth. But the fact is that you can style your locs at any stage without any worries. So continue reading to know starter locs styles on short hair.

20 Best Styles for Starter Locs

Starter locs styles for males are less than women as men are comparatively less bothered about their hair looks. On the other hand, women are more conscious about their hairstyles at official places, events, parties, and even meetups. 

Hence, styling starter locs for females are broad, from simpler ones to delicate ones. In addition, they also vary depending upon several factors such as hair texture; hair locs length, diameter, and types. Hence, it is essential to know about different styles with and without heating equipment and other options.

When you don’t want to style your natural hair, a dreadlock is the best option to eliminate the daily styling grind. In addition, it is a protective hairstyle that protects your hair and maintains its health. 

Finally, it helps them grow with cool locs in various types such as sisterlocks, Microlocs, two-strand locs, etc. Here is some motivation for you to start your locking journey with fresh ideas of short starter locs styles for females. 

1: Braids

Braids or plaits are one of the best styles for starter locs for people with loose hair textures. In the beginning locs, most people get irritated with small locks, but now they are pretty manageable with the braids. Section your hair locs into different parts and then braid them with other hair accessories. Moreover, you can braid the locs depending upon your hair type. Braids are very beneficial as they prevent the unraveling of the locs in the starting phase.

Notably, the braids look straight, just like the starter locs, as there is no twisting or rolling of the locs. As a result, it is the quickest style on the go. So, get them braided whenever you feel in a rush and want to style your locs.

2: Ponytail

Lock ponytails are quite famous in countries with hot weather. They are super easy to make with no effort. In addition, they require minimal maintenance with no use of hair-setting products. Are you getting late for a party? Throw your starter locs into a high ponytail and wrap your head with a silk scarf. Further, use water to lay them down, and voila, you are ready to go. No other style looks sleeker and neat as compared to high ponytails. In addition, high ponytails never go out of the trend.

3: Side-Swept Braided Starter locs

Dreadlocks may look simpler in the hairstyle but don’t be fooled by the simplicity. There is a variety of starter locs styles for males and females both. Side-swept is one of them that keeps your locs protected. The locs are sided to one side and braided or twisted to look more attractive. In addition, you can complement the look with some hair accessories as well.

4: Dreaded halo

Are you looking for a chic hairdo that is easy to style with minimal effort? Don’t worry at all because we’ve got you covered with dreaded halo with highlights. In this style, the locs of different sizes, thicknesses, and textures are styled with hair accessories, hair dye, and styling. Of course, if you want to go some extra, the crown look is perfect.

5: Yarn dreads in high buns

Another exciting and creative starter loc style for females is to create two tiny buns of the hair with a touch of yarn. It is one of the coolest styles for students, hobbyists, and art lovers who want to be creative with their hair. In addition, the buns are good for girls with short height as it adds two to three inches to their height.

6: Braided twisted starter locs

Dreadlocks are a creative and protective hairstyle for females who don’t like their natural hair in the first place. Secondly, to express your bright personality, you can style them in twisted braids, which look amazing. Add colored head scarfs in the twisted braids to get the look of a fashionista. Experiment with different colors and hair accessories for more styling.

7: Bantu knots

Bantu knots are among the best short starter loc styles for females with any hair length or texture. Moreover, this style goes well with all dreadlock types, from Microlocs to sisterlocks. First, tie your braided or unbraided dreads in cute and tight Bantu knots that look good with various costumes and are easy to maintain. Then, save your time styling dreadlocks with Bantu knots and enjoy the best styling with minimal effort.

8: Half up twisted dreadlocks

Many people who get the dreadlocks installed get confused about how soon can you style starter locs? The answer is that as soon as you install the locs, you can style them in the way you want. Another amazing style for starter locs is the intricate design of half-up locs. It is an artistic combination of flat twists and dreads hanging freely with deep colored dyes in the hair. An eye-catching style that is easy to maintain and style simultaneously.

9: Half up, half down dreadlocks bun

It is one of the most effortless styles that look cute on starter locs and other types of dreadlocks. First, tie your half-starter locs into a bun at the upside of your head. Then, tie the other half into another bun at the back of your head. No need to use any hair-setting products as the buns will stay at their point with simple bobby pins.

10: Chocolate dreadlocks Updo

Starter locs on long hair also look great with some minimal styling. For example, a chocolate updo involves dying your starter locs into a pleasing shade of brown. Moreover, balayage also goes well with chocolate shades. Be creative with the locs and do the styling according to your locs size, length, and texture.

11: Double folded starter locs

Double folded dreadlocks are an excellent hairstyle for people with thin hair textures. It adds extra volume to your hair. It is one of the conservative and formal hairstyles that looks great on all loc sizes. Section your hair at the front and twist to make a small bump for doubling up. Don’t forget to secure it with hairpins. Take the remaining hair and pull them into a ponytail. Create a cute little bun and pin it in the right place. Get hands-on with your favorite headband, wrap your head just behind the bump, and voila!

12: Half-up style

Look trendy with your sleek hairstyle of tying half-starter locs up on your head. Traditional locs or bay locs are quite tough to manage when small in length. Create a super cool and comforting style with this unique hairstyle.

13: Short freeform starter locs

Keep your dreadlocks free from any styling with no interference from styling equipment, styling gels, and other accessories. Let your starter locs breathe freely in their free form—no need to style them as they look perfect in this style. The style is ideal for starter locs maintenance using simple tips and tricks.

14: Afro dreadlocks in a low bun

Mange, your baby, locs by a small and cute low bun. It is suitable for all dreadlocks in different sizes, types, and textures. Keep the bun low to give a real aboriginal vibe. 

15: Twisted dreads with beads

Accessorize your starter locs by twisting them and putting on cute styling beads. Nothing screams fun and looks more creative than a head full of small dreads with beads from soft to bold look. An effortless hairstyle that can be easily achieved by parting the head and twisting the braids, followed by the colorful beads at the ends. You can wear this style anywhere from office space to a friend’s get-together. 

16: Gold wiring the starter locs

Wiring is quite common among dreadlocks. For starter locs, the wirings can vary from yarn to gold. If you want to keep your locs light, wrap them with yarn threads. Otherwise, wrapping a few locs with gold wiring is also a good option. Space buns complete the look by being covered with gold wires, giving the real classy look. 

17: Scrunching

While passing the beauty store, you may have seen the scrunchies that might have grabbed your attention. If not, you can get the scrunches to achieve the one unique look out of your starter locs. Get a mini pack of 50 scrunchies, and you are good to go. Take a tiny section of your baby locs and wrap them around the sectioned hair to achieve Kelela’s signature look. 

18: Bohemian bun

Find a split in the mid-section of your head and grab two to three locs from the surrounding area on both sides. Secure the only ends of the locs to create an elongated bun and reposition a few locs. With this minimal effort, you are good o rock the evening or hitch your costume. 

19: Space buns

Space buns look cute as hell on the starter locs. Moreover, they fit best with all hair types, skin tones, and costumes. Partition your hair into two sections and construct the buns from the front part while just losing the back dreads. Wrap the ponytail around the bun and make a perfect bun. Secure the ends, and feel free to complete your look by placing a few beads and cuffs on your locks. 

20: Front overlay starter locs

Spice up your starter locks with some classy and intricate hairstyle. People think ponytails look boring with locs, but that’s not the fact. Start the style with a ponytail and some locs on both sides. Then, cross the locs over each other by twisting and pinning them down under your ponytail. You will get a complex yet intricate hairstyle with a ponytail, and from designing, that is enough to catch your attention. 

Starter locs for medium-length hair can be designed in many other ways, such as bangs, curling, and twisting. Hope the styles above will help you style your starter locs for different events. If you want to keep your starter locs achieving the best results after a few months, try to take extra care of them. Use the residue-free shampoo and avoid heating equipment while styling your hair.

To sum up, styling the starter locs and other locs is not as challenging as they may seem. However, you will need to use a few tips with some practice to get a professional look.



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