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Our Brand Story

Dread Extensions Brand Story

Dreadlocks is a revered hairstyle, with many opting for the long beautiful strands of hair that enhance their looks. At DreadExtensions, we specialize in providing high quality, durable and affordable dread extensions to enhance your hair and looks. is an online marketer of Dreadlock Extensions products.


Our Motto:


DreadExtensions strives to provide premium quality dreadlocks at the best possible prices.

Founded by David Lee more than five years ago, Dread extensions has been the go-to store for the African American community who love rocking dreadlocks that bring out their culture and enhance their looks. Not many stores cater for African American hair, and thus, Dread Extensions stands out for its passion and commitment to the women, men, and kids in this community by ensuring their beauty needs are met.

Our products are made and sourced from China in a dread extension factory that deals in human hair dreadlock extensions, synthetic dreadlock extensions, dreads tools, and many more products in our inventory. Serving the USA and the global market, we seek to improve the lives of those who love the dreadlock hairstyle by offering them options that will enhance their beauty looks and boost their confidence. This effort was made possible by the consistency in our products' quality and the excellence of our customer care services that have endeared us to customers worldwide. We offer fast shipping and take 3-7 days to deliver to our customers worldwide.

At Dread Extensions, our goal is to be your preferred choice for quality hair extensions at great prices and provide outstanding customer service to enable our customers to have a wonderful shopping experience. We pride ourselves on offering quality products. Our strong emphasis on quality and continuous improvement to new technology and latest research and development ensures we can provide our customers with a wide range of high-quality products. We also offer our esteemed customers a 20 days return and refund policy on all our products, which goes a long way to improve relations and professionalism of our brand.

Wherever you are, Dread Extensions got you covered. Contact us today and let us make you look good and feel better!