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The 5 Worst Dreadlock Mistakes You Can Make (and how to avoid them!)

5 Worst Dreadlock Mistakes


If you are someone who has just jumped the bandwagon or thinking of starting the dreadlocks, this is the guide for you. This article will share some common mistakes that can ruin your dreadlocks. So, the best way is to complete your part of the research and avoid such things which are harmful to your hair in one way or the other. 

5 Dreadlocks Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Dreadlocks are the lifelong commitment in which you have to take care of your locs in different loc phases. From the starter phase to the final stage, you have to follow a strict hair care routine to save your investment of money and time on your hair. Some things can be harmful to your hair that must be avoided at all costs. For instance, frequent washing of the locs can be harmful in that excessive use of shampoo on the scalp cause dandruff. Moreover, frequent washing unravels the locs quickly. Here are more things you need to take care of to get professional locs at the end of your loc journey. 

1: Dyeing the Locs

Every individual with hair locs fascinates about dying the locs. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best life experiences, but the right time does matter a lot. One of the common dreadlocks mistakes is that people dye the locs at a very early stage. For example, people who are crazy about the color of their heads dye the locs in the starter phase of the locs when the locs are immature. 

People obsessed with the ombre shade get the locs and color them the next day. That is a terrible practice. Moreover, the second mistake is coloring the locs too often. For example, you get a color in your immature locs that doesn't turn out the same as you wanted. Now what? Coloring with even a darker shade to subside the effect result in bleaching the hair again. So, a cycle begins with dyeing the hair, removing the hair dye, coloring the locs, and so on. 

A mixture of dyes, color removals, and hair bleaches makes a chemical combination very harmful for your locs. Regardless of your hair type, hair texture, and hair strength, it results in thinning of the locs. Further, it makes them thin and brittle. As a result, the locs fail to get the desired perfect cylindrical shape and diameter. 

2: Specifics of Twisting

One of the common problems with dreadlocks is that people have zero knowledge about retwisting. Retweeting is a common practice to keep the locs good in shape, size, and texture. Lack of information often makes it a hassle. Many people start washing their locs in the early weeks, that is not good practice. Plus, with every single wash, the locs start unraveling, and the locs require retwisting to hold the locs. The hair experts and professionals suggest washing the locs after a month. If you wash the locs after two weeks to keep them clean, you will have to attend more retwisting sessions. 

After a few months, like six months, excessive retwisting shows its results in the form of thinning of locs. Then you may notice that you have some bald patches, scattered hair here and there on your scalp, and thin locs. So, try to avoid this common mistake and give some time to your scalp to breathe when the locs are in the starter phase. Additionally, check the articles and videos on the internet related to retwisting and gather some beneficial information before installing the locs. 

3: Using Beeswax: One of Common Dreadlocks Mistakes

In the starting phases of the locs journey, one of the common dreadlocks mistakes is using beeswax on the locs to make them look sleek and neat. The wax may help you get the perfect hair locs look, but it has harmful effects on the scalp. Therefore, beeswax is usually used for setting the locs when they are baby locs or in the budding stage. 

Beeswax sticks to the scalps and makes wax pockets in the roots. The accumulated beeswax melts when you use hot water for washing your locs. It melts with the increased temperature and comes out in a sticky form. The beeswax accumulation can be hazardous for the locs as it can result in buildup and mildew formation. In addition, the fungus formation can result in fungal or skin infection, which takes months to treat. So, avoid using wax on your locs and embrace them with an open heart at every stage. 

4: Line Up by Barber or Hair Expert

Many young boys with locs repeat dreadlocks mistakes such as lining up their faded hair from the barber or using the trimming machine at home. One common thing in the dreadlocks maintenance practices is that lining up the head often results in cutting the dreadlocks sections. Through this practice, the locs become thinner. Little by little, you lose the partitions of the locs. 

Whether you have an expert barber or hair stylist, unintentionally or intentionally, the barbers do this mistake for which you suffer in the end. If you have a high-top set of the locs, we suggest you don't get the lineup from the barber. No one other than you know where is the loc partition and how to deal with it. So, pay closer attention to the hair locs while getting the services from another person. 

If you want to freshen your look with the high-top set, one pro tip is to visit the barber after retwisting the dreads. After a fresh retwisting, the locs are no fluffier hair to distract about the partitions. In this way, the locs will be in their original shape, making it easier to find the locs partitions. In addition, give additional instructions to your hair expert not to disturb the locs partitions while lining up. 

5: Higher Expectations

Many times the individuals set higher expectations from the dreadlocks. Undoubtedly, it is one of the transforming experiences, but having higher expectations from your locs journey can be heartbreaking. People fascinate about getting wild with their locs even in the starting stage. They expect to style their locs in braids, high ponytails, and high buns. But, the reality is that the hairstyle is more than getting the looks. 

It is a lifelong commitment with many daily challenges, such as washing the dreadlocks, drying the locs after hair washing, sleeping with the locs, and removing the buildup. In addition, thinning of locs, potential buildup, and unnecessary frizziness are also very challenging. Now, all these things combine and contribute to how to maintain dreadlocks. Having a strict hair care routine can only minimize these challenges, but you still have to face them at one stage.

Additionally, impatient people quit the journey after a few months. It becomes difficult for them to manage their locs with their lifestyle. Do not set higher expectations. Try to research such things and then take the decision. So, expecting less from your locs and enjoying the journey is essential. Try to embrace the locs, how they look and what challenges they bring to get your desired locs after some time. Don't doubt yourself; enjoy the loc journey on every stage and embrace the change. 

Pro tips:

Some common dreadlocks mistakes make your locs hard, hair strands brittle, and they also don't look good. Here are some pro tips to help you travel your locs journey smoothly. 

1: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Not a hair professional will tell you this tip for keeping the locs good in shape and texture. Use essential hair oils for moisturizing the locs. People often complain about why my locs are hard. The answer is the they're locs lack moisture. So, the best way to keep the locs healthy is to provide enough moisture with hair oils. 

2: Keep locs clean

Apart from washing the locks when they feel sticky, oily, or stink is to clean the locs using dry hair shampoo. Further, frequent washing and retwisting of the locs can be harmful. So, the best way is to look for alternative ways of keeping the locs clean.

3: Cover at night

Lastly, covering locs at night is another way to keep them. The interaction with cotton pillow covers can be the reason for increased buildup or lint accumulation. The locticians suggest covering the locs with silk or satin head caps at night. 

To sum up

some dreadlocks mistakes do not seem like mistakes because they are familiar. A person who wants to start locs must know the dos and don'ts of a dreadlocks hair care routine to keep them in good shape and condition. 

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