5 Reasons You Should Not Start Microlocs

5 Reasons You Should Not Start Microlocs

If you are new to the loc journey, you must know the pros and cons of getting the locs. Regardless of the locs types such as sisterlocks, dreadlocks, and Microlocs, it will help if you learn about the techniques, process length, cost, and other factors involved. So, complete your research before getting the locs in your hair. 

In addition, we suggest you get the analysis done by a hair expert or a loctician about your hair condition. An expert can guide you better about what length you should get and what type of locs will suit your hair. Further, you can ask about the trending locs hairstyles and guidance about the aftercare. In this article, we'll guide you about the five primary reasons you should not go for the Microlocs. 

5 Strong Reasons to Not Start Microlocs

There are always some merits and demerits of all the processes, whether the skin or hair. Likewise, Microlocs or dreadlocks are unique hairstyles that everyone may not feel comfortable getting. Moreover, it is a high-maintenance hairstyle that requires proper time and attention for a more extended period, and it is a self-commitment with your hair that can't be neglected at any cost. Here are five primary reasons for not getting the Microlocs.


Many people get the inspiration of starting Microlocs from other people. It is wonderful to be inspired by others but remember that you must not expect the same locs on your head. Every person’s hair owns different hair texture and volume, resulting in different locs. 

Getting the inspiration for the length of locks or the type of locs is acceptable, but you must consider that you can't get the same number or same grid of locs on your head that you see in the inspiration pictures.  

Different factors affect the hairstyle, such as the length of locs, hair volume, hair texture, density, and many others. Hence, it is good to get the inspiration, but don't expect the same end goal as someone else's Microlocs.

Styling and Microlocs

The second reason for not starting the Microlocs is styling. If you always love fresh hairstyles, then, unfortunately, Microlocs is not your go-to option. You can't just change your hairstyle every next week as it involves heft expenses and a reasonable amount of time in their installation. 

Moreover, Microlocs always come with frizz. With the dreadlocks and other types of locs, frizz is quite common. At some stage of your journey, you must have passed through it. So, you must be confident enough to accept these changes. Must consider these factors for your desired hairstyle.

Frizz is an inevitable reality that you can't skip with the Microlocs. So, if you love sleek and neat hairstyles, you must go for some other hairstyle. 

Change of Hairstyle

Another reason not to get the Microlocs is that change the hairstyle. There will be some days when you will love your hairstyle but not all the time. If you can't stick to one do, you must not go for it. With new hair growth, the style keeps changing, adding frizz to the hair. If you can't accept the change, you are mistaken that you will carry it longer. Just think of the Microlocs as your hairstyle or any other protective hairstyle. For instance, people with box braids or any different permanent hairstyle keep them as their style. The same is the case with Microlocs that if you can't make them your style, skip them.

Moreover, traditional locs can be changed into specific types of other styles, but Microlocs, which are thin and tiny in size, is not easy to style in different ways daily. If you want to style with dreads, you can go for another type of locs. Remember that getting the Microlocs is a commitment to your hair for a specific amount of time. 


Sadly, this hairstyle is not for you if you're an impatient person. Undoubtedly, patience is a virtue, but here the scenario is different. You might be inspired by someone else mature locs, and your hair will get years to reach that stage. Further, you may expect them to be voluminous at some stage, and they may not result in the same so that it can be hurting.

In addition, the loc journey is entirely a process than mere a hairstyle that has different phases. At some stage, you might like your locs but not at the subsequent steps. It is not an overnight thing, a year thing, or two years thing. The Microlocs get evolve with time, and you can't expect anything. One must be patient and full of heart to embrace the change open-heartedly before starting the loc journey.

Confident in your Microlocs Hairstyle

Last but not least, if you're not confident about yourself, locs are not for you. The reason for saying this is that it is a unique hairstyle apart from you from others. If you are not confident in yourself, you may feel ostracized, unsettled or unconfident in your look. In addition, you may feel low on some days when your hair doesn't look good. This journey will be a struggle for you for these reasons. So, build yourself up before getting started.

Furthermore, locs are not quite popular and shared among the masses. You may see many people with different types of locs on the internet, but you'll barely face someone with hair locs in daily life. Also, people have negative connotations attached to locs that you must not consider if you want locs. 

You may also have some friends and family who damage your morals and ask silly questions about why you want locs or other things. Just be confident and make your own decision before starting Microlocs. Complete your research, check your budget and get an appointment with a loctician near you. Must visit your loctician and consider his advice before getting the locs. If you still feel not confident enough and have not made your mind, take time before final appointment. 



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