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8 Things to Know Before Starting Soft Locs (3 Pros and 5 Cons)

8 Things to Know Before Starting Soft Locs


Soft locs extensions are common among people who want to style their natural locs. Here are the advantages of using soft locs, such as the locs are soft, shiny, lightweight, and easy to install. Further, they don’t add an extra burden on your head. So if you are someone who already has soft locs installed and now looking for the right locs to get versatile styling options, it is the best choice you are left with. 

Soft locs extensions are made from natural hair with a thin diameter to keep them light. They don’t look fake so you can get various soft locs with colors and hairstyles. You can dye the locs if you have bleached hair. In addition, the locs look just like the natural human hair locs and mix with original locs easily. Further, they add extra length and volume to your locs without extra stress on the head or scalp. So, these are the best choice for people who want to transform their locs hair look with extensions. 

In this blog, we will educate you about how to install soft locs on natural hair and some pros and cons of installing soft locs in your head. Before choosing these locs extensions to install in your head, you must consider some factors. Continue reading to learn more about how to do soft locs, pros and cons of the process and much more.  

3 Pros and 5 Cons of Soft Locs

Each hairstyle and hair treatment has merits and demerits that are visible after some time. Further, these factors affect the selection of the users. For example, for some people, different locs are suitable for different individuals according to their requirements and hair types. Likewise, there are chances that soft locs are suitable for your head or not. So, get an analysis of the soft locs and then decide accordingly. 

3 Pros of Soft Locs

Soft locs mostly offer benefits for people who are crazy about hairstyles. Here are a few pros and cons of installing the soft locs in your natural hair extensions:

1: Investment

Getting the soft locs extensions is always a benefit in terms of price and investment. A good way is to install the extensions at home to save the expenses. If you are getting it from some expert or doing it at home, you need at least five locs bundles. With five loc bundles, you are good to go with any style you want. In addition, if you want to add extra volume to your hair, you can add more locs bundles. Soft locs price is pocket friendly that makes it an incredible option. 

Installing the extensions at home require some extra bucks for buying the installation tools. You’ll need to get the required tools and equipment such as the crochet needle, metal rat comb, and more to get the desired style. So, if you have a budget of $150, you might spend $300 or more for the tools. Must keep this factor in mind while deciding to install locs at home. Installing locs is always a pro as it will save you from hefty amounts that the hair loctician charges for their services. You can also use the loc tools afterward to remove them. 

2: The older, the better

The locs grow with time and result in good results afterward. For the loc journey, patience is the key. The great idea is to get professional help from the stylist if you’re confused about your locs installation. To get the perfect hairstyle for which you decided to install soft locs, you’ll need to wait a month or more because they get better with time and look better. 

Meantime, treat your locs just like your natural hair locs. Avoid touching them for two weeks. Perform cleaning after two weeks. Cover the locs with a head scarf or durag at night. Likewise, use residue-free shampoo to clean and dry them in the natural air. 

3: Lightweight

Another pro of getting the soft locs is that they are lightweight. Other locs, such as synthetic locs or artificial locs, are heavier than soft locs, so they add extra weight to the scalp, which causes headaches and more. Getting the soft locs, either way needs proper attention. First, you’ll need to check your scalp hygiene. The loc extensions are easy to install and remove and are 100% safe for use on all skin types and hair types, but keeping them clean is mandatory.

Although the locs are lightweight, they feel heavier after a 20-inch length which is soft locs medium length. Soft locs 36 inches are also easy to maintain and style for lengthy hairstyles such as locs braids and locs ponytails. If they feel heavier on the scalp, you can cut them at any time according to your style and comfort. So, it is a pro that the lightweight locs add up to any hairstyle and are easy to manage. 

5 Cons of soft locs:

With so many advantages, there are some demerits of getting the locs. For people with an active lifestyle, carrying the desired look with healthy locs is admirable. However, some of the demerits make this process challenging for some people. So let’s have a glance at what are the cons of having soft locs.

1: Avoid over styling

Wearing soft locs or any other locs extensions adds extra tension to your scalp. Sometimes it results in a certain type of acne or any scalp infection due to mixing the locs with natural hair. So, maintain them well by using hair essential oils to keep them soft.

Dreadlocks are already a protective style. You don’t need to style further. But, if you are a fashion freak, you may know how important and overwhelming it is to enjoy every new fashion trend with your locs. Adding soft locs to the natural locs is beneficial as long as it helps you get your desired look. But, try to avoid over-styling with locs to keep them well and make them stay longer.

2: Difficult to sleep in

Having locs extensions or natural locs both comes with some challenges. One of the challenging things is to sleep with the locs. The people who experience the locs journey for the first time find it very difficult to sleep at night with the locs. However, if you try some beneficial tips, you can also sleep peacefully at night. 

Sleeping with locs can be irritating in the initial days. So, the best way is to tie your hair in a bun or ponytail and then cover it with a head scarf. You can use satin caps, bonnets, or durags on your head if you want. Also, try to avoid cotton pillowcases that increase lint buildup. Use satin caps and head covers while sleeping at night. 

3: Not easy to shower with

Another challenge is to shower your soft locs after installation. Although the locs are made up of 100% human natural hair, you must be careful while washing them. The hair experts suggest you don’t touch your locs for the first two weeks. Then, after two weeks, you can clean them using shampoo specifically formulated for the locs. Excessive washing of locs can be harmful, so wash only twice a week. 

Use a shower cap to wash your locs. Make a good jumbo bun on your head if your hair is in tiny buns. Cover the head with a shower cap and let your locs soak all the moisture. Then, air dry your locs and dry them thoroughly before going to bed to avoid any moisture buildup. 

4: Snag on jewelry

The locs of every time snag with the jewelry. So, if you’re a fashion enthusiast, you may know how jewelry items compliment your whole look. SO it is advised to look at the jewelry pieces you wear with your locs. Don’t choose intricate designs that keep on snuggling with your locs. Instead, use some classy yet heavy patterns for your ears and neck to avoid disturbance in your locs. Snuggling locs with jewelry items can result in hair breakage and damage to the locs.

5: Installation of soft locs

Installation of locs can be problematic if you don’t follow the proper steps. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention as if you don’t install locs correctly, you will find them challenging to remove. Jumping on the bandwagon, you may check just one YouTube video and think you are good to go. But, the fact is that a simple YouTube click is not enough to install locs properly. So, check all the videos, tips, guide blogs, and other suggestions available on the internet before taking the first step.

If you fail to install locs successfully, you will also fail to remove them properly. Further, it can damage the locs strands and may also lose all your investment.

To sum up, the pros and cons of the soft locs must be considered before starting their installation to get your favorite look. Try to maintain them well according to the tips and tricks. If still, you are doubtful about anything, you can consult your loctician.

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