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A Complete Guide About The BROTHERLOCKS

A complete guide about the BROTHERLOCKS

Brotherlocks is a distinct hairstyle, If you are not aware of this specific hairstyle, this article is for you. Read more to learn about the Brotherlocks, how Brotherlocks are created and whether to install them or not.

What are Brotherlocks?

Brotherlocks is a type of dreadlocks that is specifically for men. The individual locs usually smaller than the traditional dreadlocks in this hairstyle. Moreover, a specific tool is used to create them correctly. 

The history of this hairstyle is unique as a professor at San Diego State University invented this hair loc style. She created sisterlocks for women that would look natural to promote self-esteem. Followed by the men, Brotherlocks came in place and emerged as a new hairstyle for the guys. 

The Brotherlocks look quite natural, but their formation procedure is unique. The locticians use an interlocking tool to install the locs in the hair. If you are thinking of getting this style, you must consider a professional to get the locs and serve your time and energy searching for a professional loctician. 

Let’s dive deep into the process and types of Brotherlocks. 

How to Start Brotherlocks?

How to Start Brotherlocks?

Getting the Brotherlocks into hair is a process. So, you must consider the best loctician for your hair. If you are fully invested in getting the locs, you must remember that the process is time taking and requires your full corporation. 

It involves several visits throughout the year. Before making a final decision, there are some factors that you must consider, such as the installation procedure, time, initial consultation, and total cost.  

1: Consultation

An initial consultation with the loctician is very important as in your first visit you will get to know many things. For instance, your loctician will tell you about factors you must consider, including your hair length, hair texture, and volume. 

Moreover, you can get a few samples of the Locs into your hair to get an idea of whether you can carry the hairstyle well or not. 

Further, women are considered bold to accept the change, whether for their hair, skin, or nails, but men are mostly not into it. Son, it is a good idea to consult the loctician. 

Additionally, you will get an idea of the total cost of the process, your next sittings, and the tips for the maintenance of Brotherlocks.

2: Installation

The installation is different for this process, so you must have a piece of good knowledge about the process. Complete your research about the installation technique or visit a hair professional to get a complete idea of the process. 

A potent tool is used to create the locs. Moreover, it takes from 10 to 20 hours to create locs. So, you must schedule your sitting with the loctician according to your availability. 

Furthermore, you can easily get 400 to 500 locs in your hair, but your loctician will decide the final number after looking into your hair.    

In this process, the locs are created, and you get the starter kit that includes shampoo, rubber bands, and a tip sheet for hair care. With the right shampoo and some hair care tips, you can easily keep the locs in your hair for a longer duration. 

3: Follow-up

Once you get the locs, you will need to follow up on your deadlocks by visiting the hair professional. The hair expert will retighten your locs to give a perfect look. In these visits, you can get more ideas about how to keep your hair safe from dirt and other elements. 

In addition, you can ask your loctician if you have any concerns. The follow-up visits are mostly scheduled after one month of locs installation. 

4: Retightening 

To keep your locs in place, retightening is required. Different types of locs require care and maintenance in different ways. Likewise, the Brotherlocks need to be retightened every 4-8 weeks. 

At this step, you can save yourself from the hassle by getting your own retightening too. 

Brotherlocks Hair Care Tips

To keep your hairstyle last long, it is mandatory to take good care of the locks. There are many tips and tricks that you can perform for good health and prevent the locs from unlocking. Your loctician can help you by providing you with a locs care kit. 

In addition, you can ask for tips about how to wash Brotherlocks or how to keep locs while sleeping. Here are a few tips that you must consider for your Brotherlocks:

1: Washing

Washing the dreadlocks is necessary to keep them clean. Use a residue-free shampoo along with conditions. Were the Brotherlocks just like how you wash any other type of dreadlocks? For combing, you can use the rat comb. Also, wash your dreadlocks after two weeks of installation. 

Washing every two weeks is optimal as frequent washing can result in the loosening of the locks. Moreover, you can spray water or rose water to keep them clean within the week. 

Please avoid using the brushes as it can cause them to break and result in fizziness in the hair. Gently finger comb your Brotherlocks to save them

2: Cleansing

A clean scalp prevents the dandruff and dryness. As the brotehrlocks are thin, it is easier to access the scalp. Tying the Brotherlocks into a ponytail on wash day, thoroughly wash your scalp. It will prevent the accumulation of fungus in the hair. 

Furthermore, a clean scalp promotes healthy growth of the hair and keeps the locs clean.

Use a conditioner that softens the hair. But, avoid the hair serums that can create slipperiness as such products can loosen the dreads.

3: Sleeping

Besides cleansing and washing, you must keep your hair with great care while sleeping. Use a headscarf or head cap to cover your locs. It will prevent dust particles accumulation. 

Moreover, it will keep them tight for a longer duration. You can reach out to your loctician or hair expert for more hair care tips. 

Brotherlocks Vs Dreadlocks

Brotherlocks is a style that is different from traditional locs in terms of length. If you are wondering about the major differences, both are lifelong commitments. Both require proper attention and care. But here are a few differences regarding the size, installation technique, and total cost. 

1: Size and Number

Brotherlocks are smaller and lightweight as compared to other types of dreadlocks. You can get them from 300 to 500 according to the style or look you want to create. In addition, they are perfect to wear in professional settings and working spaces. 

On the other hand, the dreadlocks are larger. They have limited styling options as compared to the brother locks. There are different sizes of dreadlocks from which you can choose according to your style and hair texture. 

Likewise, you can get them according to your hair volume. According to the hair texture, dreadlocks' numbers vary for different people to get between 5 to 200.  

2: Technique

The locticiancreate this particular hairstyle with the help of an interlocking too. The hair is parted into unique grid patterns in this technique, locked with a tool. The tool locks the hair by creating hundreds of tiny knots along different lengths. 

Dreadlocks are installed with the help of the palm-rolling or twisting technique. You can choose a specific pattern according to your style and comfort. Moreover, you can get the dreads with the help of your hands or fingers twisted in the hair. 

3: Cost

The average cost for Brotherlocks is between $500 to $800. The costs for follow-up, consultation, and retightening are additional. So, it would be best if you consider all these expenses. 

On the other hand, dreadlocks are free to get. Learn the skill online and practice. You will be able to install the locs in your hair without the aid of a professional.


Sisterlocks VS Brotherlocks

Sisterlocks were created for the girls and Brotherlocks for the boys. Both of them are identical, with a few differences. Here are the distinct differences between them:

  • They differ in thickness. Each lock is thick in the sisterlocks. Moreover, depending upon the length of the hair, it takes more time to install.
  • The cost difference is there because of the difference between the texture and hair volume of the girls and boys.
  • A number of the locs also vary for both styles. Depending upon your hair volume, you can get fewer or more dreads. 

To sum up, Brotherlocks and sisterlocks provide a professional look for the office. They are difficult to remove. So, it would be best if you considered the expenses apprehended. Moreover, it is a life-long commitment, so you must be ready for that. 


Q: Can you unlock Brotherlocks?

Some people claim that it is possible, but it is tough. Their removal is possible, but it results in so much hair breakage that it leaves you with less hair on the scalp.

Q: What are the benefits of Brotherlocks?

Brotherlocks are easier to maintain as they are thin and contain small head sections. They are a fashion statement that is easier to style and maintain.

Q: Can only boys get the Brotherlocks?

No, women can also get the locs in their hair. Regardless of gender, the hairstyle is cool for both. Although they emerged from the guys, nowadays, women can also easily get them installed.



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September 15, 2023

“How to start brotherlocs” = “go find someone to start them for you”… What an excellent guide, I never would have thought of that!😒

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