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Dreads VS Locs: Untold TRUTH

Dreads VS Locs: Untold TRUTH



Dreads and Locs are both popular hairstyles worn by people of all races. But what's the difference between locs and dreads? Are you considering changing your hairstyle? As you can see, there are dozens of different hairstyles that you could try. They look sophisticated and elegant. The question is what are dreads and locs?

What are locs?

Locs consist of matted sections of hair caused by lack of moisture and/or lack of brushing. locs refer to the style, not the ethnicity/race of the person wearing them.


What are dreadlocks?

They are just dreadlocks that people of African descent wear. They are more commonly known as "dreadlocks" because they originated with the Rastafarian movement. "Dread" is a synonym for fear, and thus the word dreadlocks was born because African Americans of the Rastafarian movement were expressing fear of persecution from their oppressors through not cutting their hair.


History of dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a style of hair that has been worn by people all over the world throughout history. Their use dates back to ancient times, with images found of dreadlocked mummies discovered next to modern-day dreadlock wigs!

Many people have different stories about how dreadlocks became popular, but many believe that this trend was brought on slave ships to make it easier for slave owners to deal with hygiene. In the Caribbean, dreadlocks were often referred to as “dreads” due to how difficult it was for people of African descent living in the region during the time of slavery.

Dreadlocks style hair to naturally lock up, or it can be done with the use of a locking styling product. People who want to achieve dreadlocks let their hair tie itself into knots, and eventually, over time, new locks will form!

You may choose to allow your natural hair texture while some people also add extensions or weaves for locs. Since dreads are an easy way to deal with hair, this is a popular hairstyle for men who have busy lifestyles.

Dreadlocks can be worn, including loose strands hanging down near the face or kept long and tied up neatly into a ponytail. While some people may choose to rock tight coils.

Difference between dreads and locs

If you're wondering the difference between dreadlocks and locs, then you're probably also wondering what each hairstyle's all about. In the end, however, it comes down to choice and preference.

Both dreads vs locs are intertwined with different faiths, cultures, and histories. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that may have been inspired by washing hair on slave ships with harsh chemicals and tools, but locs were originally a way for black people to maintain their hair.

Dreads and locs are simply two different hairstyles with their own unique histories, meanings, and methods. It's up to you if you want to try out either of them, but don't forget to choose your preference over what's trending!

Dreads and locs aren't the same hairstyles for certain people that wear their hair in just this manner. According to a few people wearing their hair this way, the primary difference is that one is a hairstyle, and another is a lifestyle.

Both the words "dreads" and "locks" can be followed back to the same word: "dreadlocks." However, there is a line between the two, in both terms of perception and personal expression. While "dreads" keep some of the terrible history of slavery and may show a more straggly appearance, locs are indeed a result of cultural identity because they are the grooming technique used by African and Nubian descent.

Certain cultures, such as Rastafarians, believe that energy is linked to your hair, so hair locs have a spiritual significance.

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How are dreadlocks made?

Matting sections make dreadlocks of hair caused by lack of moisture and lack of brushing. Dreadlocks can also be created by interlocking sections of hair between one another for different dread styles by hair locs.

What is best for me: dreadlocks or locs?

Both look great and will give you a unique look, but only you can decide which is the right one for you!

Pros and cons of dreadlocks


  • Both men and women can wear dreads. Dreadlocks are not gendering specific, so ladies who want to change their look should try it out!
  • Dreads are typically more expensive initially, but you save money in the long run because they don't have to be redone often.
  • They are cheap and you can maintain them easily.


  •  Dreadlocks can get heavy if there is a lot of loose hair at the scalp, which is why it's essential to wash and condition regularly.
  •  People with certain hair textures may struggle to create dreads.
  •  They take longer than other hairstyles to "mature". That means it may take 2 or more years for them to look like locs.
  •  Dreads can look unkempt and dirty if not taken care of.
take care of dreadlocs


How to care for dreadlocks

Dreads can last for a very long time, but you have to take care of them if you want to prevent them from matting and becoming too heavy.

  • Start conditioning them when they are freshly done. This will keep the hair moisturized, which in turn keeps it from matting.
  • Always try to wash dreads in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo or no shampoo at all. Hot water can loosen some coils, while too much shampoo can dry out some hair types.
  • Never brush dreads. The more you brush, the more it will unravel and the longer it will take for them to mature.
  • If you must brush, use a dread comb. This special type of comb is used specifically for dreadlocks to minimize frizz and tangles.

Why do people choose dreadlocks?

  •  Dreadlocks are just an idea. Any type, color, texture, and length of hair can be deadlocked.
  • Many men choose to grow out their dreadlocks because it gives them a rugged, masculine style that is perfect for men's hairstyles.
  • Dreadlocks are low maintenance, time-consuming, and a great way to express yourself.
  • Dreadlocks look cool!
  • Any race, gender, or age can wear dreadlocks. They are highly versatile!
  • Dreads give the appearance of thicker hair. They are one of the most desired hairstyles for achieving a fuller look, making them perfect for everyone!
  • Dreadlocks are chic. 
  • They are classy trendy yet still able to maintain an edgy rockstar look!

23 different styles you can make with locs

Different knots are used to create different styles with dreadlocks. The more creative you get, the more opportunities you have in the fashion world.

1. Dreadlock Earrings

The best and pretty way to wear your dreadlocks! Instead of doing the usual braid down one side, you can try something unique.

Dreadlock Earrings

2. Dreadlocks With Weave

Have you ever tried wearing your dreads with weave? It is a very famous style for girls. Dreadlocks with weave can be done to create a beautiful dreadlock updo or just to complement your natural dreads.

Dreadlocks With Weave


3. Dreadlocks With Braids

We are all familiar with the everyday cornrow hairstyle, but have you ever tried dreadlocks with braids? It looks very cool.

Dreadlocks With Braids

4. faux Dreadlocks

It usually means to use extensions with dreadlocks. Not only can you use faux hair, but you can also do dreadlocks, wigs for a quick and easy way to change up your style.

5. Dreadlock Pigtails

For those ladies who would like to have their hair out of their face, dreadlocks pigtails are the way to go!

6. Half Dreadlock Half Ponytail

For the trendsetters who are always looking for ways to stand out, you can style half your hair in dreadlocks and the other half into a high ponytail.

7. Side Part Dreads

Part your dreadlocks to the side and you will show off your beautiful face!

8. Dreadlock Mohawk

A mohawk is another popular hairstyle that can be created with dreadlocks. Just part your hair to the side and you get a sleek mohawk!

9. High Ponytail With Dreads

For the ladies looking to get that elegant but edgy, high ponytail, dreadlocks will complement your hair perfectly!

10. Dreads With Undercut

There are endless combinations to achieve with dreadlocks. If you are looking for something new and edgy, try dreads with an undercut!

11. Half To 3/4 Hair

Even though there are endless amounts of styles to wear with dreads, you can also go simple and wear your hair halfway down!

12. Bangs With Dreads

Bangs With Dreads

You can try dreadlocks with bangs to achieve a more casual look. It will give off that "rocker" vibe.

13. High Bun With Dreads

This is very similar to the high ponytail with dreadlocks, but this look gives off a more elegant look.

14. High Ponytail With Fishtail Braid

This is one of the most popular styles for dreadlocks! You can wear your hair to the side or down, but a fishtail braid really makes this look stand out.

15. Half Up With Dreads

For a more subtle and less edgy style, try wearing your hair in a half up, half down look with dreadlocks.

16. High Ponytail With Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are very popular in the natural hair community, so why not try them with dreadlocks? You get that high ponytail look with a little something extra.

17. 2 strand twist with Dreads

2 strand twist with Dreads

This is like wearing dreadlocks with braids, but this look uses two strand twists. This is a beautiful look that will have heads turning!

18. Viking locs and dreads

Viking locs is trending now, but dreadlocks can be similar too. They both comprise matted hair, but vikings are more straight strands of hair.

19. Haitian dreads and dreadlocks

Like vikings, haitian dreads are also trending and look similar to dreadlocks. Both require a crotchet hook and interlock the hair.

20. Dreads and Twists

Dreadsare like twists as they both use the no-heat method and do not involve any chemicals. Dreads, however, are smaller than twists.

21. Bob marley style dread locks

Bob Marley is a very popular rapper, and people follow his style. It gives them off a casual, yet edgy look. Everyone wants to have dreads, just like Bob Marley!

22. Free form dreads and dreadlocks.

Free form dreads are like locks, but you do not interlock the hair like with dreads. You can style them freely. Free-form vs dreads vs locs are not only for males but also for females.

23. White dreads locs

White dreads locs

White people can get sisterlocks which are very small in size, and it has nothing to do with their race. Dread vs Sisterlocks are just another popular hairstyle that will stick around for a while. 

To sum it up:

Now you know the difference between dreads vs locs and which one is right for you. Dreadlocks are a more casual style of hair that can be done without too much effort. However, if you want to have a hairstyle with roots tied back into your identity or culture, then locs may be just what you need!



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