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Everything You Need to Know About Florida Dreads

A Complete Guide for Florida Dreads

Florida Dreads, also known as the Wicks hairstyle, is one of the unique hairstyles that gained popularity in the past year. It is one of the latest loc trends called wick locs. You may have heard of the Florida wicks, the other name for this renowned hairstyle. You may be wondering what they are and how to get them. This article is all about the latest and trendy hairstyle popular in Africans and Americans. Most of the Afro-Caribbean, especially the communities of Afro-Haitian, are adopted to this hairstyle. 

Additionally, the hairstyle has no gender limits. Florida boy dreads are also mainstream nowadays as they are popular in girls. From young schoolboys to college girls, they are known by everyone. Keep reading to answer your questions like what is Florida dreads called? Why do Florida people have wick dreads? And what do they call dreads in Florida? Here is the complete guide. 

What are Florida Dreads?

Florida dreads a unique hairstyle famous among the Hip-Hop community and sub genes of Florida. In this hairstyle, there is a round shape of the locs to the ends. The dreads are comparatively thick than other styles. They range from 4 to 10 total dreads covering your whole head. Don’t confuse this hairstyle with another famous Congo locs naturally formed by combining the two or more dread roots. Thick Florida Dreads only require three to four rubber bands for full head coverage. Continue to read how to get Florida dreads and their best installation methods?

Florida Dreads is a versatile hairstyle with no separation as the roots are joined in a round shape to the end of the head. Moreover, the hairstyle brings freedom to develop your hairstyle as there are no other means of getting them. Dreadlocks are a great way to personalize and build your personality. So, beyond the ordinary dreadlock hairstyles, Florida dreads is an excellent option to stand out from the crowd. 

Where did Florida Dreads Originate?

As the name shows, the famous Florida wicks originated from south Florida. After that, they gained popularity when celebrities hitched this hairstyle. Kodak Black supported the Florida’s wick dreads by getting them. Other stars also had a tremendous influence, resulting in its favour in no time.

Meanwhile, people imitated, and the hairstyle got more support. And now, the wicks have found their mainstream by getting place into the loc culture. Besides, the term “wicks” was suggested to this style because each one of the dread resembles the wick of the candles because of the upright habit. 

How to Grow Florida Dreads?

Getting the Florida Dreads is not as challenging as it seems. If you have already established dreadlocks, the process becomes easy and quick. In addition, the people with curlier or afro hair are prone to get the locs with the straightforward process compared to other people. Furthermore, there are some factors that you must consider before getting them.

For instance, one of the crucial decisions is to figure out how many South Florida wick dreads you must have to cover your head. Likewise, the length of hair also matters. You may be wondering how long your hair has to be to get the wicks hairs? The answer is that it requires 6 inches of hair to pull out the wicks to look ideally. 

Moreover, there are some common methods for creating this hairstyle. Select wisely your favourite look. Consult your hair specialist to get the wicks because growing the dreads is just the half thing done. The most challenging part is their care and maintenance. A protip is that try to get the wicks of the same size because uniform wicks hairs give a great classy look. 

original video post on 2019 Oct-26

Methods of Creating Florida Dreads

There are some basic methods of growing the Florida wicks. You are free to choose the style according to your personality and comfort level. Further, you can select the type depending upon your hair length, texture, and volume. Let’s have a glance at different methods of Florida dreads creation to help you make the decision. 

1: Crochet Needle Method

Crochet needle is a fundamental and old method of creating the wick hairstyle. In this method, the wicks occur instantly without any wait. The crochet needle method uses a crochet needle to make the wicks with two or more two fangs. The needle transforms the existing dared locks are into the wicks. It operates in and out motion of the needle to pull the frizz to the top of your wicks. Unlike the other types of dreads creating techniques, it results in clean and healthy wicks. Hence, this is the safest and the cleanest method to make the wicks without damaging the hair. 

2: Freeform Method

As the term suggests, the freeform method allows your hair to lock into its own with no external aid. Moreover, in this technique, there is no manipulation of the locks. It forms naturally by the rinse and goes method, allowing the locs to lock on each other. If you observe that your dreads grow into big locks, separate the loc and repeat the process to obtain your desired look. 

In this hairstyle, you got the freedom to create smaller to bigger dreads on your head. Furthermore, no external aid keeps this process simple and allow you to change the look within the process. 

3: Combine Method

Another fantastic method of creating a unique wicks hairstyle is the combined method. A well-known method operates by tying the existing dreadlocks using a rubber band or crochet technique. In most cases, young dreadlocks are thoroughly combined the entire length to achieve the perfect wicks in the long straight hair.

The process allows the locs to fuse, giving them the infamous upright. Some people like the loose and poufy wicks that also look unique. So, you can choose the style according to your comfort and personality.

4: Rubberband Method

The rubber band method of creating Florida dreads is an excellent source of creativity for your hair. How you want your hair, you can quickly achieve this hairstyle. In this technique, the rubber bands are wrapped for locking. It is a time-consuming process but leaves a stunning design on your hair, giving the classy and hip-hop look. 

Many people like four locs, but you can get more as well. Take four or more locs and wrap the rubber band around them, covering them till the end. Wait as long as your hair grows around the bars. Remove the band after 3 to 4 weeks to prevent the bands from locking your hair. Also, notice the pattern and placement points of the rubber band so that you don’t forget any.

Florida Dreads Care and Maintenance

Florida wick dreads are unique and don’t look the same on all individuals. Getting the dreads is easy, but their maintenance and care require effort. For example, you must take care of them while washing, drying and sleeping. Here are a few tips that you must follow if you want the wicks healthy and last long. 

1: Washing:

To make them last longer, wash your wicks just the way you wash your regular dreads. While washing your hair, pay attention to the roots and use a residue-free shampoo to remove all the dust. Don’t wash them more than once a week or twice a month. Additionally, use the headscarf with silk hair ties while sleeping at night to protect them from damage. Further, keep your scalp moisturized by using premium quality conditioners and hair oils. 

2: Drying

For drying the Florida dreads, try to air dry or blow dry. Don’t use heat as it can be irreparable damage to your hair. Especially for the rubber band hair wicks, as the heat can melt the band or infuse into the dreads resulting in damage to the natural hair. 

3: Retighten

Retightening is a great way to save all your investments., Some dread hairstyles need retightening after some months or once a year. Undoubtedly, it is a practical approach if you want to continue your new hair look. There may be chances that you need to retighten the wicks that is quite normal with the dreadlocks. Retighten the wicks by following the same method you chose while creating them. 

The pro tip is to contact the same hair professional who created your style because they know the patterns and placements well. A novice may find it tough to retighten existing dreads or wicks dreads. Find the best loctician by searching the term “loctician near me”. Check the available hair service pages to filter out those with good online reputations. 

 4: Moisturize 

Keeping the dreads hydrated is another essential part of the process. Use scalp oil to moisturize the skin and spray rose water regularly to keep the hair hydrated and clean. 

Cost of Florida Dreads

Overall, dreadlock is an expensive hairstyle regardless of the type or style you choose. Florida dreads also charge a hefty amount if getting from the professionals. Its cost ranges from $200 to $1000. Some professionals charge the hairstyle depending upon the number of wicks, hours, and other factors like hair length, hair texture, or the technique you want. So, it is suggested to complete your research about the loctician and then decide. 

To sum up, Florida Dreads is an evergreen hairstyle, and it goes well with all kinds of personalities. It has no boundaries to the states or communities. If you want to give it a try, choose the best hair salon in your vicinity.




What are Florida dreads called?

Wicks is another terminology that is commonly used for the Florida dreads. Likewise, "globs" and "bonks" are also the names of the same hairstyle.

Where did Florida dreads originate?

Florida dreads originated from south Florida. They gained popularity by the celebrities’ influence. Now, they are mainstream in the loc culture.

How do you get Florida dreads?

Florida dreads are easy to get by one of the four methods: crochet needle, combine, freeform, or the prevalent rubber band technique.

Who started wicks hairstyle?

The roots of this hairstyle lie in the Africans and Americans. Moreover, it is prevalent among the Afro-Haitian and Caribbean communities.

original video post from on 17-Sep-2020


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