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Things You Need to Know Before Getting Goddess Locs

 Goddess locs are a protective hairstyle that protects the hair and gives you a transformational look. Unlike traditional locs, goddess locs come in the form of extensions. Two types of goddess locs faux locs and goddess locs are found. One type is made from synthetic hair, while the other is made from 100% real human hair. Try to grab natural human hair, which is easy to style.

With the goddess locs, you can get various hairstyles such as the goddess braids, goddess locs ponytail and many more styles. In these locs, you have all the freedom to style your hair according to your personality. This blog is for you if you’re a novice and have zero ideas about goddess locs. 

This blog will share some profound insights you must know before getting the faux goddess locs. There are some pros and cons of almost all the hairstyles that one must know, and here are some things you must know to get a perfect idea of whether you want this style. In addition, it will help you decide if you are ready to get this hairstyle or not. So, continue reading to learn more about things that you must know about Bohemian goddess locs.

10 Things You Must Know Before Getting Goddess Locs

Are you determined to get the natural goddess locs? If yes, you must know some essential things that can be triggering in the locs journey. Once you have made up your mind and you’re ready, knowing all the merits and demerits of the process, it becomes easier to accept and deal with some real-life challenges with the locs. Following are things that you must know and must know how to deal with them. 

1: Find the professional hair loc stylist

First, you must know that locs installation is the actual game that not every hair stylist can perform on your head, and it requires special knowledge, skill and experience about the locs. Further, the locs come in different sizes, diameters, lengths and textures, so a professional can help you better. 

Explore the online research engines to find an experienced hairstylist. You can check out different Instagram influencers having locs and reach out to them to recommend someone. Further, take help from Yelp and YouTube to connect with a professional. Use hashtags and find people on YouTube who give reviews about the locs. Find a loctician online and then consult him and get the analysis done. Set your budget and ask about the locs details, including the installation technique, hair type and more.  

2: Goddess locs hurt

Remember that locs installation is not easy as it seems. There are different techniques of installing the goddess locs. Goddess locs crochet method is quite popular among the masses as it is easy to install in all scalps. You can also get your locs installed by this technique. Regardless of the technique you choose, the locs hurt so much. 

Ask your loctician to not part your scalp like the soccer ball. When the locs are installed, the scalp gets tough and tightened due to extra stress, and it feels like a soccer ball in the initial days. Additionally, don’t get the locs too tight as it can be excruciating to deal with them in the initial days. 

3: Sleeping is painful

If you are a novice and going to start your first locs journey, know another fact the locs hurt all the time. Sleeping is challenging in the first few days when the locs are fresh and tightened. It can be difficult to sleep with the tight locs as you can’t even tie them. But, after the first week, your locs start becoming soft so you can tie them. 

If you find it difficult and painful to sleep with the locs, cover your locs at night. Use the satin cap or silk head scarf to cover them. This will ease your pain, and you will be able to get a nap. So, considering this factor, it can be tough to get a peaceful sleep in the initial days after locs installation. 

4: Washing can be hard

Washing the locs can be very challenging for the people who install the locs for the first time. Washing is the best process to keep your locs maintained. To keep you locs neat and clean, it is essential to keep them clean by washing them once a week. In the first week, the loctician and the hair stylists don’t recommend washing the locs. 

Wash your locs with the residue-free shampoo to remove the buildup. If you have an itchy scalp, you can use the shampoos specifically formulated for this purpose. For instance, if you have black hair, find the shampoo for black hair locs. The shampoo with mint and vinegar in it can be helpful to get you relief from the itchy scalp. 

5: Focus on the scalp

While washing the scalp, try to focus on the scalp. If you have an irritating and hurting scalp, it can be challenging to manage the scalp as it can pose serious health problems if not taken care of properly. Shampoo the scalp with relieving shampoo. Massage the scalp from all the sides and then clean the locs. Focus on keeping your scalp fresh and alive if you want to enjoy goddess locs.

6: Dry your hair

Drying the washed can be a pain in the ass, and it is one of the most extended steps of getting the light, fresh and beautiful locs. The locticians recommend not sleeping with the wet or moisturized locs as it can result in the buildup. So, try to wash your locs in the morning and let them dry the whole day. 

Find different towels for drying the locs. Use the soft towel to soak the water from the locs after the shower. After some time, you can use the terry towel that is thinner and lighter in weight. You can wrap your locs into the whole day and can perform the errands. Avoid using heating tools and equipment such as a blow dryer to dry your locs. 

7: Use a scalp oil for goddess locs

If you want to keep your locs soft and moisturized, use essential hair locs. To keep your scalp fresh and stress-free use the best scalp oil. For the locs growth and moisturization, use the essential oils such as peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, or any other essential oil before washing the locs. 

Scalp oil is best for the itchy scalp, and it not only helps remove the buildup in the scalp but also removes the stink. Hence, you get a fresh and well-moisturized scalp that also prevents itching. 

8: Leave-in conditioner

In the initial days, the locs are hard and brittle. Further, the locs feel tightened enough to cause hair stress. Use the leave-in conditioner after the shower to make them soft and shiny. Once you wash your locs, soak all the water from the locs. Now, put some leave-in conditioner in your locs to soften them. The conditioner will also make them fresh, shiny and scent good. So, the locs will be untangled and easy to comb. 

9: Use rat comb for goddess locs

Combing the locs is an integral part of the process. If you want to keep your locs neat and buildup free, comb your locs daily. For combing the locs, use the metal rat comb readily available in the hair accessories stores. A rat comb contains thin bristles that pass all textures and diameters of the goddess locs. Moreover, it is easier to use on thin locs. This comb has some thin bristles that easily fit in the crocheted locs and help you remove the dust particles and residues. 

10: Goddess locs maintenance

Just like the other types of locs, goddess locs require proper maintenance. If you want to keep your locs last longer, keep them in excellent condition. For this purpose, comb your locs daily, and Wash your locs once a week. Protect the goddess faux locs from sun exposure and UV rays. Likewise, protect the locs while sleeping by covering the head at night. Cover the head with a silk scarf or satin caps to avoid unnecessary build-up. Moisturize your scalp and locs with essential hair locs.

After all, getting the goddess locs is not easy, and it requires a lot of care and attention while sleeping, washing and drying. Undoubtedly, you can style them according to your personality. Further, the locs are made from human hair, so you have the freedom to use the heat tools such as hair blowers, straighteners, and curlers for styling the hair. So, keep all these facts in mind while choosing the goddess hair locs to be a part of your personality. 


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