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Growing Dreadlocks vs Getting Extensions | Pros & Cons

Growing Dreadlocks vs Getting Extensions

Dreadlock extensions have become very popular in the later years. The lock styles are in trend now, and people are looking for solutions to get the lock hairstyle without going through the whole process. The process is long, as it takes from eight to twelve months. Dreadlock extensions are a modern way to hitch a new personality with a unique and trendy hairstyle.

Ways to Get the Extensions

There are two different ways to get the extensions. One is to convert your natural hair into dreadlocks. It means growing the dreadlocks in your natural hair. Though it is a time taking and arduous process, it looks surreal.

The other method is a quick hair fix to get the extensions into your hair for the same hairstyle. Dreadlock extensions allow you to wear beautiful locks without getting committed to them.

This article is all about getting the extensions and growing the extensions. This guide will help you choose the dreadlocks according to your needs.

Let's have a look at the types of dreadlock extensions first.

Types and Colors of Dreadlocks

types and colors of dreadloc extensions

There are various types of dreadlocks. From natural human dreadlock extensions to wool extensions, there are different types and colors of the extensions.
Remy, virgin, natural human hair, and wool are a few of their types.

They also range in different colors, including black, white, blonde, ombre, and many more.

Hair experts generally recommend synthetic and permanent hair extensions.

Synthetic VS Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

Synthetic and human hair dreadlocks are very common these days. These are the top two types of dreadlocks that give your hair a whole new look. Both have their pros and cons. For instance, permanent human hair extensions look just like natural human hair. First of all, going natural is a great way to look natural.

Moreover, they feel like human hair. Light on the scalp and easy to manage. Dreads look innate with the tangled hair and loops. Lastly, they can be easily dyed and styled like human hair.

On the other hand, synthetic feels different from natural hair. They are challenging to manage as they can't handle the heat. As a result, they can melt, which is a considerable disadvantage. Further, if you get many dreads, they would be heavy on the scalp.

Pros & Cons of Growing Dreadlock Extensions

Growing Dreadlock Extensions

Growing dreadlock extensions is a great way to transform your hair. Firstly, they start from the scalp and grow with your hair growth. Growing extensions add volume to your hair. Baby dreads take time in growing in length, so it takes time for complete results. Moreover, you can grow the extensions as per your style and personality.

How long do dreadlock extensions last?

Also, it lasts long from 2 to 3 years if cared for well.


Growing dreadlock extensions is far better than installing false extensions. Here are the pros of getting this hairstyle:

1: Natural

Human hair extensions look adorable if managed well. First of all, they grow from scratch, so it may take a long time but once full-grown, they give the best hair transformation results.
Other than that, if you want to install hair extensions, go for natural human hair extensions. These are super soft and look natural. Moreover, they are easy to style as well.

On the other hand, synthetic dreadlocks don't appear as natural. The fact is they are not so soft as natural human hair, so many cons must be considered while getting the extensions.

2: Dye

Human hair extensions have many options to style and manage. First, they appear natural without any extra managing or styling. Secondly, if you're really into styling your natural dreadlocks, you can dye your favorite color, and human hair can be easily dyed with quality products.

3: Soft

Growing natural dreadlocks is an easy way to preserve your natural hair for as long as possible. Getting the extensions is also a great way to restyle your hair, but there is nothing more precious than having natural dreadlocks. Naturally grown are super soft and can be managed with your regular products.

4: Save your loops

Naturally grown extensions have all the loops and tangles that normal hair carries, and they contain the bumps all across your locs length. Moreover, the dreadlocks also consist of loops that keep the appearance of the dreadlocks natural.

5: Light scalp

Natural hair extensions have one of the best advantages in that they don't carry extra weight on your scalp. If you have thin hair, increase your hair volume by getting thin dreadlocks more in number. Even if you have heavy hair, converting your hair into locks will not add any extra weight to your head.

6: Volume

Need to add extra volume to your virgin hair? Grow your hair into dreadlocks. A natural method to add volume to your hair is by growing the extensions—no more need to use additional hair treatments and harsh chemicals to add extra volume. Say goodbye to the daily blow-dries and extra heat on your head by naturally growing the dreadlocks.

7: Partial dreadlocks

Another benefit of growing dreadlocks is that you can style your hair according to your style and personality. Don't like full head covered with the locs? Partially grow the dreadlocks from particular inches of your hair, comb your naturally grown hair around the scalp and grow dreadlocks at the ends.

Undoubtedly an excellent option for individuals who love to style their hair. The best option is to mix natural hair and dreadlocks for getting new hair looks.


A coin always has two sides. Let's dive deep into the cons. Here are the cons of growing the dreadlocks:

1: Long procedure

Growing the natural extensions is a lengthy procedure, and you may need hours to get the extensions out of your natural hair. Hair experts serve to get the best results out of your hair, and that is why it takes time in the real magic.

2: Time taking

A shortcoming of growing the extensions is that it is time-consuming. It takes at least six months to eighteen months to grow the dreadlocks. If you are patient enough, then you can get these extensions.

3: Difficult to manage


Natural dreadlocks need more work to manage, and they are bay dreadlocks in the beginning. You can use various hair care products to manage your hair.

Pros & Cons of Getting Dreadlock Extensions

getting dread extensions



Getting the dreadlocks is a quick hair fix for dreadlock enthusiasts. Here are a few reasons why you should go for it:

1: Quick

Getting the dreadlocks extensions is a quick process compared to growing your natural hair into dreadlocks. In the case of naturally grown dreadlocks, it takes from 18 months to years to cover a good length. On the other hand, getting an extension takes only a few hours.

2: Neat and subtle


Synthetic extensions are handmade so they are quite neat. A good choice if you want a neat look at your dreadlocks. Naturally grown dreadlocks contain loops and bumps which doesn't appear sleek.

3: Temporary

Fascinated by your friend's dreadlocks but confused about your hair? Don't worry at all. Get a few dreadlocks to experiment with your hair. If you like the style, you can carry it. Otherwise, you can quickly get them removed with proper removal techniques. Moreover, you can try different dyes to get the result per your expectations.

4: Sealed


In the case of growing the natural hair extensions, the length increases with the growth of new hair. But, either you get natural or synthetic dreadlocks, they can be sealed as per your requirement to give mature and natural dreadlocks.

5: Volume


If you have thin hair, getting hair extensions is a great way to add volume to your thin hair. You can add 70 to 200 dreadlocks into your hair as per your hair volume. To add more volume to thin hair., getting thin dreadlocks is advisable.

6: No Shrinkage


Installed hair extensions have a plus point that they don't shrink. Synthetic hair extensions don't shrink, so they don't get short compared to naturally grown dreadlocks.


Getting dreadlocks has some cons too. Let's have a look at them:

1: Different

Extensions are also available if you don't want to grow your natural hair into dreadlocks. But, they don't look as natural as normal human hair, and they may look different from natural hair but only to a well-trained hair professional.

2: Heavy on the scalp

Installing the extensions and your natural hair adds extra weight to your scalp and volume and weight to your head. Moreover, after getting the shower, it may become tougher to manage for some time.

3: Difficult to manage

Synthetic hair extensions installed in the hair are pretty challenging, and the excessive heat can melt the synthetic extensions, resulting in a waste of money. Further, you may need expensive hair care products to save your dreadlocks from fungal infection due to locked moisture.

Final Words

To sum up, every type of process you choose has some pros and cons. So, it is recommended to discuss with your hair expert before making the final decision.

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