How to Moisturize the Locs?

How to Moisturize the Locs?

 Having locs can be challenging in the case of their maintenance. Especially in summers, heat can be brutal to keep them well in shape and moisturized. However, there are ways to moisturize locs regardless of the weather changes. Also, having locs with an active lifestyle can be challenging. If you have locs and feel they look dry, you need to analyze their condition and shortlist the factors that cause the dryness. 

When the locs are dried, they are prone to breakage and thinning. Along with that, the locs become dull and lose their charm. So, using different tricks and tips, it is necessary to keep them well moisturized. In this article, we will share about the tips and tricks and how to moisturize starter locs? What are the best moisturizers for locs? Keep reading to learn more about loc maintenance and more. 

Why Your Locs are Dry?

You may be wondering what can be the potential reasons that your locs are suffering from dryness. Well, there can be many reasons, from harsh weather changes to more. However, here are some factors that cause dullness and scalp dryness that you must avoid. 

1: Harsh detergent

One reason that you are suffering from severe dryness can be the fact that your shampoo has some harsh ingredients. For example, some shampoos contain harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate or aluminum lauryl sulfate, which strip your locs and leave brittle hair strands. Hence, you must check the ingredients that can harm your hair health.

2: Build up

Hair buildup can be the potential reason that can cause dryness. If you use too many hair care products and don’t rinse your hair correctly, it can leave your locs with severe build-up. In addition, the buildup creates a barrier to moisturizing your locs and leaves stiff hair. So, avoid using the inorganic products that leave residues trapped in the locs. 

3: Not enough moisturization

Keeping the hair well-moisturized is a necessary part of the loc journey to keep them in good shape. You may know the side effects if you haven’t moisturized your locs in a long time. The environmental factors strip the locs and leave them dry. Use a homemade moisturizer for dreadlocks to keep them healthy. 

11 Ways to Moisturize the Locs

Once you figure out why you have an itchy scalp, your locs are not moisturizing enough. But, you can get the spark back with some hair care tips. So, here are some ways of keeping the locs well moisturized for a long time. 

1: Water-based moisturizers

Water-based moisturizers are better than inorganic oil-based moisturizers. The reason is that oil sticks in the locs and don’t get removed after several washes. So, use a light, water-based moisturizer that will keep your locs soft and moist for long without any build up. In addition, such moisturizers will not feel greasy. The best way to apply water-based moisturizer is to spray it on the hands and then massage it on the locs. 

Additionally, regularly moisturize the locs to keep them soft and shiny. Following this routine can save money and time on the locs and enjoy your favorite look after years. 

2: Use essential oils to moisturize the locs

Lack of hydration leaves the locs with dry scalp and brittle locs. Try to use essential hair oils that promote hair growth and keep the locs soft. Oil alone is not enough to moisturize the locs, so you must use natural homemade masks, including rose water and vitamin E. The natural oils give your locs their sheen back and keep them moisturized for a long. Here are some oils that will make their way along the hair length and will help them in growth:

  •  Jojoba oil
  •  Coconut oil
  •  Lavender oil
  •  Peppermint oil 
  •  Mustard oil

3: Detox treatment

Loc detox processes are designed to keep the locs neat and clean by removing all the product residues. Detox treatment or deep cleansing is the process that can be performed once in a while to keep the locs clean and fresh. In addition, this process can be easily performed at home with some kitchen essentials. If you are experiencing dryness, it is recommended to use a moisturizing shampoo to clean the locs. The next step involves the cleansing of locs using apple cider vinegar. 

Perform the detox treatment after a year to remove product and residue buildup. Further, it will leave you with soft, light-weight, shiny and fresh locs after a whole year that feel just like the new ones.       

4: Salon treatments

If you have no idea how to keep your locs clean at home, you can consult your loctician and get salon treatments. One of the very famous saloon treatments includes steam for the hair. It removes the sticky residues and moisturize the locs. Further, you can get other deep cleaning treatments at the saloon to keep your locs moisturized for a long time. These treatments work like wonders not only for cleaning but also for hydrating the locs. 

5: Cover your locs

Covering the head with a scarf or a satin cap can be beneficial. If you wonder how to moisturize the locs after washing? The best solution is to keep the locs covered for a while after washing them. In addition, you can tie your locs into a bun, braids, or ponytail. It will help you lock your moisture in the locs and retain their hydration and moisture for extended periods. Finally, use a satin scarf or head cap to cover the locs. Plus, wear he satin scarf to avoid cotton pillowcases and prevent lint buildup in the locs. 

6: Leave-in conditioner to moisturize the locs

If you notice unnecessary dryness in the locs and scalp, your locs care routine is messed up, and you need to take care of your locs. 

First, try a natural leave-in conditioner specially made for the locs. Next, try a leave-in conditioner to moisturize the locs and observe the results. Such moisturizers are perfect for all types of hair. Plus, they help replenish the locs with their required nutrients for repairing the hair structure. Finally, it leaves the locs shiny, soft, and moisturized. 

7: Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is another major component that is an excellent alternative to minerals, petroleum-based hair products, and greasy conditioners. There are many best moisturizing sprays for locs which moisturize the locs and keep them soft. Aloe vera gel is an absolute ingredient that soothes the scalp, strengthens hair, and softens the dried locs. 

Further, the gel contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that are best for avoiding any fungal or bacterial buildup in the locs due to excessive sweating or moisture. 

8: Skip shower cap

On the days when you don’t want to wash your locs thoroughly, you can tie your hair into a bun and use the shower. Skip the shower cap and allow your locs to get enough moisture. You can use this method to moisture locs on harsh summer days. Further, nothing can be better than a natural moisturizer for locs, which is water.  

9: Set your night routine

If you want to keep you locs hydrated, following a regular hair care routine is essential. Further, using a cotton pillowcase can harm your locs by exposing them to the lint, which causes buildup. Replace your cotton bed sheets and pillowcases to avoid any side effects. Instead, the locticians suggest using the satin pillowcase or wearing a satin head scarf to cover your locs. 

10: Healthy diet

To moisturize the locs, it is important to take a well-balanced diet. Diet effects directly on your hair and skin. If you’re experiencing acne on the skin and dryness on the scalp, you need to bring some positive changes to your diet. For instance, add proteins to make your hair strong. Likewise, water is key to hydrating hair and skin, especially in summers. Take enough liquid intake to compensate for the dehydration. Most foods dehydrate us, so refueling your body with fresh juices is better.  

11: No superficial heat

Another reason that can cause dry or brittle locs is the excessive use of superficial heat. If you’re addicted to styling your hair with flat irons, blow dryers or rollers, it can be problematic to maintain locs in good shape. Such tools cause extreme damage to your locs, resulting in split ends and sucking out natural moisture from the hair. You need to keep your hair hydrate enough and lock the moisture in the hair strands for long. 

Certain types of moisturizing spray for locs can easily be used in your daily routine. In addition, with a properly balanced diet and following a hair care routine, you can achieve the best locs. 

To sum up, it is not complicated to moisturize locs. Using high-quality products, following some loc care tips, and keeping them clean is easy to maintain them in good shape. With some little effort on your part, you can get incredibly good hair. 


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