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Instant Locs 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Classic Style

Instant Locs 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Classic Style


This article will guide you thoroughly about the Instant locs. Instant locs are perfect hair looks that you can get in 2022. Transform your dull hair with thin coils that don't require any other styling. Please continue reading to get the perfect idea of the Instant locs, how they are installed and how long they stay in the hair.

What are Instant Locs?

Instant locs refer to creating a loss in your hair. The term "instantly" refers to developing the locks with the crochet method. Moreover, the term is also called "Instant Dreads" or "Instant Dreadlocks."

Instant locs are one of the quickest hairstyles that you can get instantly without any wait. In this technique, the locs are created by dividing the head into equal sections. In the next step, backcombing is performed.  

Further, the sectioned hair is weaved using a mini crochet needle and a latch hook. The process is really quick as you can rinse your hair right after the process is completed. So, if you want to get a perfect instant transformation in your hair, this is undoubtedly your go-to style. 

How to Create Instant Locs

Creating the Instant locs is easy and quick, but it depends on a few factors. For instance, you must consult a hair professional to get an idea about your hair volume, hair texture, and hair length before getting the locs. In addition, you must consult about the technique because you cannot do it yourself.

If you desire, you can add the extensions in your hair along with the locs. It will give your hair a distinct length and increase your volume to a considerable extent. If you want to add the extensions, you must get the 100% natural human hair that works best with the locs. 

Now, let's dive deep into the technique of creating the locs. The procedure starts with twists and locking the hair using a crochet needle tool. 

To prepare your hair for the dreads, avoid using non-natural hair products. 

The procedure is instant if it is good to consult a hair expert. The technique starts by dividing the hair into uniform sections. Next, the sectioned hair is backcombed and locked with the help of a crochet needle. Once the process is completed, you can shower the hair instantly. 

Just keep the locs dry and moisture-free, as the moisture can result in mold. Moreover, use chemical-free shampoo and conditioners for after-care of the locs. Ask your hair consultant if you have any concerns about the locs procedure or technique.  

How much time do instant locs take?

The amount of time differs for different types of dreadlocks. For instance, the mature stage of the dreadlocks takes between 10 months to two years for the outcome. But, as the term implies, the Instant locs installation takes less time. It requires 8 to 12 hours on average.

But, as the term implies, the Instant locs installation takes less time. It requires 8 to 12 hours on average for the standard process, but the time also depends on other factors like hair length and volume. Moreover, the undercuts with thicker dreadlocks time are reduced to only 4 to 8 hours. Further, for the very large amount of dreadlocks, depending upon the number of locs, the time is increased to more than 12 hours. 

The time depends upon different factors. To get the perfect dreadlocks, your hair must have a minimum length of three inches. If you have short hair, you must consult an expert to prevent any issues with your installation. 

How to Maintain Instant Locs

Getting the instant hair locs is one thing, but their maintenance is a real challenge. Just like the traditional dreadlocks, the locs also require proper care. To keep them for a longer duration, it is necessary to care for your hair while washing, drying, and sleeping. Let's glance at the tips that one must consider after getting the locs. 

1: Moisturize

 Most people think that locs don’t need the moisture as the loose hair. But, the fact is that you should still moisturize them regularly. Dry hair is prone to breakage easily and makes your hair brittle with locs! Use a light leave-in moisturizer to keep your hair healthy, and seal water in locs with lightweight oil. Natural oils are perfect to use on Instant locs.

2: Washing

Washing your hair after the locs is very important. Wash your Instant locs just the way you wash your traditional dreadlocks. The hair experts suggest washing the locs once a week. Moreover, root maintenance is recommended every 2-3 months to get them healthy and fresh. 

3: Never over-wash your locs

Instant locs are more prone to odors and buildup than normal hair. One thing that you must consider for their good health is over-washing. It can dry out your scalp and result in flakes, breakage, itchiness, and thinning of locs. Wash your locs every week, and avoid over-wash until they are mature enough to bear the extra moisture level.

4: Conditioner

There is some controversy about whether you should use a conditioner for your locs or not. Well, it is a good idea to soften the hair after washing. Moreover, it helps in the easy combing of the hair. Most people think that such products can damage your locs, but it is not true. This leaves your locs soft well-conditioned and prevents the product buildup in your locs and scalp as well. You can also consider apple cider vinegar, which has good reviews.

5: Cover head while sleeping

For some people, sleeping with the locs is a challenge. Try to wrap your locs at night with a headscarf, satin cap, or bonnet. It will keep them away from breakage, and the locs will not face friction.  

6: No twisting 

One of the factors that result in brittle locs is hair twisting. Absent-minded, many people start twisting the locs repetitively. It pulls the hair follicles and causes the locs to fall out. When your locs are dry, be mindful about your hair care and don't retwist or interlock too tight.

7: Combing

Instant locs lose their shape in no time. As they are temporary locs, they relax within a week. So, it is not a good option. If still, you want to style your hair, use the rat comb that is easily available in the market. Don't use the brush in freshly locked hair.

8: Styling Tips

Instant locs is a perfect hair look that doesn't need further styling. They look perfect even without styling. But if you still want to experiment with your hair, it is important to think about the edges of your locs. As the locs increase in length, they put more tension on your head. So, avoid any tightened hairstyle, such as a ponytail. Keep your locs free and loose to release the stress. Extra tightening also results in thinning and breakage of the hair locs. So, you must consider a hairstyle that doesn't add extra stress over your locs. 

Instant Locs Pros and Cons

If you are still confused about which locs you should get into your hair, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Instant locs. Have a glance at the pros and cons to get the knowledge that might help you make your final decision. 

Pros of Instant locs

· Instant locs take less time to install.

· They are the best in getting the dread look within less time.

· An excellent choice for all hair types.

· You can add extensions with Instant locs that look natural without using string.

· No products are used in the procedure.

· They are much tight and constant than other types of hair locs.

Cons of Instant locs

Before concluding, some demerits must be considered with the benefits of a hair look. 

Here are a few disadvantages of the procedure. 

· If they are done incorrectly, they can result in severe damage.

· The method is tough to learn, so you must take professional guidance.

· The Instant locs require special attention for maintenance.

· The cost of Instant locs is higher as compared to other dreadlocks.

· The process needs professional services, so finding the best loctician is challenging.

Instant Locs vs Loc extensions 

Loc extensions

One way is to get the locs in your natural hair to get the perfect transformation look. Besides, you can get extensions. Loc extensions are easy to install. Human hair extensions look natural, and no one can differentiate between your hair and loc extensions. 

Installing the loc extensions is quite easy. In this technique, your loctician will twist your sectioned hair first. Then, the hair loc extensions are wrapped around the twists. Depending on your hair growth rate, you can leave the extensions in the hair for around eight weeks.

After getting the extensions, you need to be careful not to get them in length because they can add extra weight to your scalp. Putting extra weight on the scalp weakens our hair. It can also cause thinning of hair, leading to discomfort around the scalp. 

Instant locs

On the other hand, in the case of Instant locs, it starts with the sectioning of the hair. They are installed when the hair is fully dry. 

Your loctician will backcomb the sections according to the loc size. The next step includes weaving each section with a crochet needle. It's not a very lengthy process, but thick and long hair takes time. Moreover, it doesn't need additional hair products such as gels or hair wax when installing Instant locs. 

There are different variations of one name, technique, and locs style. With different names and methods, there are possibilities that you mix different types of dreadlocks. 

So, it is recommended to sit down with your hair expert and tell them what you're considering. Discuss it and ask them about other methods as well. Moreover, you can share a picture of the look to get the right hairstyle.

Get the extensions if you want the locs for longer, such as more than a month. But, if you want to transform your look temporarily, experience the change with Instant locs. If you like the change, you can get the loc extensions or check out other types of dreadlocks. 

How Much does instant Locs Cost?

The cost of hair locs depends upon the length and hair texture. Mostly, the professionals charge after an initial analysis of hair. A few of the hair experts also charge per hour. But, on average, the price of instant locs starts from $300 up to $1000. Moreover, the opticians charge extra for additional sittings and retightening sessions. So, one must consider all the expenses while getting this look. 


How long do Instant locs last?

As the name suggests, the locs are instant. You can get them instantly. Also, they relax within a day or more. They are temporary locs that settle down soon. 

How long Instant locs take to Loc?

It is a quick process that doesn’t take much longer. If you want to transform your look, this is the right option. You can quickly get the Instant locs between 8 to 12 hours. But, depending upon your hair length and volume, time may vary with more or fewer hours.

Are Instant locs permanent?

No, the Instant locs are not permanent. They settle down in a day or more. After their first wash, they look and feel quite normal. 

Can locs be undone?

Yes, you can "unlock" your locs without cutting them, but the process is challenging. Moreover, it will take a long time. Short locs require less effort and less time for unlocking. 


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Lindsay Miracle

Lindsay Miracle

April 05, 2023

OK I’m a straight white girl and my hair goes to my armpits. I have thick hair if I wanted dreadlocks to actually stay in my hair for years on end. But I don’t want fake hair and I want to walk out the salon with instant dreadlocks. How will I keep them in permanently?



November 09, 2022

Hello. I have been trying to find out if Instant Locs are good way to start larger locs, like 30 locs or less

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