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7 Concerns about Permanent Loc Extensions after 1 Year

Permanent Loc Extensions After 1 Year

In this article, we will help you how to maintain your permanent loc extensions after one year and what are the concerns of people who are looking forward to getting this style. Continue reading to get deep insights into this look. 

A hair locticianis the best person who can guide you well about your hair loc concerns and queries. The process mostly takes 10 to 16 hours to install loc extensions. Moreover, depending upon the length, size, ad number of locs, the time may vary. 100% natural human hair is used to create loc extensions that are easy to maintain and style. The loc extensions grow with the natural hair. As the loc extensions are made from 100% natural human kinky hair, they can be colored as well. Here are a few things that you may be concerned about regarding permanent loc extensions:

1: Permanent loc extensions vs. natural hair locs

Permanent loc extensions are just an extended form of natural locs. Many people get confused about whether they should start from natural hair locs and then add permanent loc extensions or carry their own with their natural hair. The answer depends upon your choices. If you can wait for at least two years to get your natural hair locs to grow into your desired length, you don’t need additional locks. 

If you are impatient and want to transform your look instantly within a few months with long hair locs that look natural, permanent loc extensions are for you. Permanent loc extensions, once installed correctly, are easy to handle, just like your natural hair locs. 

2: Do loc extensions feel heavy when they are wet?

Another common concern of people is whether loc extensions feel heavy after washing? The answer to this question is yes. In the initial days of installation, the loctician doesn’t allow you to wash your locs for 2-3 weeks. But once you wash your locs, they feel heavy until they dry completely. Wet locs carry the water and moisture for a longer duration than straight hair, and this is why they feel heavy for some time after hair wash. 

3: How often do you need to wash your permanent loc extensions?

As mentioned above, you need to treat your locs just like your natural hair locs. In the beginning, you must avoid frequent washing your loc extensions as it can result in the loosening of the locs. But, after some time, it is good to wash your locs after two weeks, and you can keep the duration short to one-week wash in the summer season. 

4: How often do you need to retwist your locs?

Retouching or retwisting is a technique that is important to keep the locs in their shape. Regardless of the hair locs type and hairstyle, you need to keep your locs in place with retwists. You can perform this at home using palm rolling or any other technique. 

If you are not an expert, you can visit your loctician to get your hair extensions retwists. It is a great idea to get the perfect, neat and sleek hair loc strands. It is good to get the retwists after eight weeks. If you have thick hair, you can extend the retwisting session duration. 

5: How many locs are enough to give a fuller look?

Depending upon your hair type and hair volume, you can get the loc extensions. For a fuller look, 150 loc extensions are enough to cover the scalp. It depends upon many factors, such as hair volume, hair texture, and hair condition. For instance, if you have thin hair, you will need several loc extensions to get your desired look and vice versa. 

Moreover, you can also add extra volume to your hair locs by merging them. Merging is an excellent technique to get the locs while keeping the natural hair locs. Further, thin hair locs are easily to merge for a dense look. 

6: Do permanent hair loc extensions cause itchiness?

Itchiness and frizzy hair are two common side effects of getting the locks. But remember that these two things are just a part of your journey and are not permanent. You may experience hair frizziness at some stage, and then your hair will be fine. Likewise, an itchy scalp can be problematic in the initial days, which settle down after a few weeks. If you have long hair extensions, you may feel itchy on your neck and back. 

Use essential hair oils for head massage to keep your scalp away from itchiness and dryness. Keep your hair dreads well-moisturized with natural ingredients. Once your hair strands are softened, they will not feel itchy anymore. 

7: Do you need to pay separately for hair in the loc extensions?

No, once you ask your hair expert to install hair extensions, the hair is already involved in their services. You can ask them to get natural kinky hair as they behave just like normal human hair, and the hair is part of their services and the installation. Additionally, you will need to pay extra for retwisting sessions. Furthermore, you will need to pay dues for additional hair treatments such as coloring the dreads. 

The hair growth of permanent loc extensions depends upon the growth rate of your natural hair. Once your natural hair grows from the scalp, your extensions will grow. Hence, it differs for individuals depending upon their genes and hair structure. But, the growth can be induced using some essential hair oils and hair growth serums. 

To sum up,these concerns are genuine for someone who wants to get an active hairstyle, and one must be concerned about such minor things so that it is easier to decide whether to get the desired look or not. If you are still confused, you can clear your concerns by visiting your loctician who can guide you well. 



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