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What Are Pros and Cons of Dreadlock Extensions ?

 Pros and Cons of Dreadlock Extensions

What are pros and cons of dreadlock extensions? No doubt, hair lock extensions look cool but remember that they are not easy to handle.  

Have you been dreaming of transforming your look? Getting modern and trendy hair locks is one of the hairstyles you can opt for. Dreadlock extensions are widespread these days and have been in trend for the past few years. 


When thinking about hair extensions, what usually comes to mind is either the wig-like strands or false hair, but the truth is that you can also grow the dreadlocks in your natural hair. Before discussing their pros and cons, let's break down the types of dreadlocks.


Types of the Dreadlocks Extensions


There are two ways to get the hair lock look. One is by growing the hair extensions into your natural hair, and the other method is to get them installed in your hair. 


Getting the extensions is further divided into two types of extension. 


The first is dreadlock extensions composed of natural human hair made of 100% virgin Remy hair. It is sometimes also produced by handmade crochet technology. 


The second type of dreadlock extension is synthetic extensions composed of high-temperature chemical fiber molded by handmade crochet technology.


Many other types of dreadlocks include Remy, virgin, and wool extensions. Interestingly, the human, virgin, and Remy all come from the real people's hair.


Pros and Cons of dreadlock extensions

Dreadlock extensions require regular care for their maintenance. 

To keep them fresh, you must wash them once a week. 


In addition, you must oil your scalp to keep the moisture locked and improve the hair volume. Besides, retwist the new growth with the time being to keep the dreads live.


They are removable, a moment of relief for those who want to experiment with their look. If you also want to transform your look, it is advisable to get hair extensions. If you like the look, carry on. Otherwise, removing the hair lock extensions with special removing techniques is available at hand.


Every hair treatment and hairstyle has some pros and cons. Let's dive deep into the topic to help you decide on your future look.

 dreadlock extensions

Pros of Dreadlock Extensions :

There are many advantages of getting hair lock extensions in your hair. Some of them are discussed here:


1: Length

Do you have short hair with slow growth? Worry not because now you can rock long hair with locks in your hair. You can keep the length of your extension as long as you want. Some people prefer medium length because it is easy to manage. At the same time, others prefer long dreads that look good because they also add extra volume to your hair.


If you like a hairstyle with long hair, this is the best to choose. Adding dreads can cause weight on your scalp, but the correct number of dreads can help you manage them. Further, getting the hair extensions is a quick method to extend your hair length without waiting.


2: Color

Getting the hair extensions can be managed well with little styling. For instance, you can dye the dreads with your favorite shade like ombre, blonde, highlights, or any other that you want. An advantage of installing natural human hair extensions is that can be managed well with minimal dyeing.


Get the natural human hair extensions and dye the dreads to match them with your natural hair shade, and you are good to go.


3: More hairstyles

Styling is easy with the extensions. Many models, actors, and film stars use dreadlock extensions because they are easy to style with various attires. It is one of the hair looks that can be styled easily. 


Don't like the boring straight dreads? Tie them in a long ponytail. Pin the dreads into a simple bun or make any other unique hairstyle with braids.


Locking your natural hair deserves patience, especially if you love to style your hair now and then. Because growing the extension is quite a time-consuming process, you must be patient at the start. 


But once they are developed to an acceptable length, you can style them as much as you want in any way you like.


Note that the more extended, the better rule. If you keep the dreads short, you will not hitch various hairstyles. But, with the lengthy dreads, you have a few more options to style your hair.


4: No more knots

When you get the dreadlocks, you will feel that you don't have to worry about the lumps and knots like your natural hair. If you want a sleek and neat look out of your hair, get the synthetic dreadlocks if you're going to get natural human dreadlock extensions that are easy to maintain.


5: Fashion statement

Dreads make you look bold and fierce. If you are the one who loves to grab attention, this is the style that will go with your personality. You will always have a fashion statement with your personality and style with interlocked hair. Moreover, the hairstyle goes well with all kinds of attire.


6: Instantaneous

Undoubtedly, the hair lock extensions allow you to transform your hair instantly. Moreover, the dreadlock extensions can be installed in all hair types. 

Further, you will be able to get the desired length, thickness, and the number of dreads. It takes almost 8 hours or so to get the new hair look. Getting the dreads may be time-consuming, but the results are worth it.


7: Easily removable

One of the advantages of getting the dreadlocks extensions is that if you don't like the final results due to any reason, you can get them removed. With the proper use of removing technologies, loc extensions can be removed easily without causing any damage to the natural hair.


Cons of Dreadlock Extensions :

dreadloc extensions

Hair treatments and hairstyles come with merits and demerits as well. Now let's look at the demerits of getting the dreadlock extensions.


1: Time consuming

The process is time-consuming as natural dreadlocks take time to grow into a mature length. Unless you have long hair before transforming them into locks, you'll have to be patient to wait a while to have the lengthy dreads you want.


2: Cost

Getting the dreadlocks is an expensive process. It involves a hefty amount to get the desired look., For instance, the charges vary for the type of dreads, such as synthetic or natural human hair dreads. 


Natural human hair dreads are pricier as compared to synthetic locs. In addition, the extra installation charges and then dyeing them to match your natural hair all make it an expensive hairstyle overall.


Apart from this, their maintenance also requires treatment products to keep them safe from any mold infection due to locked moisture. All these factors combine and make this process expansive.


3: Comfort

The dreadlock extensions look surreal when matched with hair. Moreover, you can rock a chill yet bold look in any dress, but you might find it challenging to manage. You will require some extra time, such as a few weeks or months, to make yourself feel comfortable with them. Also, sleeping with the dreads is not easy so you can look for other solutions such as scarfs, satin bonnets, and dreadlock tubes.


4: Hygiene

In the first weeks of getting the hair extension, you must be conscious about your hygiene. With the dreadlocks, you can't wash your hair all the time, so there are more chances of lint, fur, and dust particles sticking into your locs. It can also result in an itchy scalp or fungal infection if not taken care of.


5: Heavier

For some people, the dreads cause headache or neck pain, and it is due to the extra weight of the dreads. No doubt the dreads add significant volume, but they also make the head heavier, triggering migraine in some people.


6: Mature time difference

One of the disadvantages of this process is a mature time difference. From baby dreads to mature dreads, it is possible to wait for at least eight months to even years to get the desired loo of lengthy dreads. So, one must keep this factor in mind while making the decision.


Final Words

Hopefully, these points will help you decide what you want. How many dreads do you want, which route is best for you, and the after-effects of the hair extensions? So, embrace the change and be ready to enjoy the journey that you choose for your hair.


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