Remove Dreadlocks Without Cutting

How To Remove Dreadlocks Without Cutting


Dreadlocks are trendy and attractive, but you've been wearing them for so long that you've grown tired of them. When it comes to trying something fresh, you're debating whether or not to chop all of your hair off. Now that you're here, you're at the right spot. A common misconception is that you must first shave your head or chop off all of your hair to experiment with dreadlocks.

You will learn the facts about dreadlock removal in this blog, including how long it will take, what methods you should use, and the removal creams that will help in the dread loosening process, among other things.

Detangle the dreadlocks:

Detangle the dreadlocks

Detangling is the safest and most straightforward approach to removing dreadlocks. Since dreadlocks are a mess of knots, you may untangle them using a comb and a cleaning cream or conditioner.

However, lock removal may be more painful than just cutting it near the scalp. Here is where the dreadlock creams work.

How long does it take to remove the dreadlocks?

If your dreads are exceptionally long and thick, the act of tightening them may take many hours or even days, depending on your unique conditions.

To shorten the time required to remove dreadlocks, we recommend you soak the dreadlocks and soften them sufficiently before combing them out. As a result, there are different ways of unlocking the dreadlocks.

Ways of Unlocking the Dreadlocks

Unraveling Locks is the first method:

Make sure you have plenty of time because this process can take some time. Through this procedure, you will be able to unlock your dreadlocks without having to cut them, but the only problem is that this process is very time-consuming and takes a lot of dedication.

You will be able to unlock your dreadlocks without having to cut them, but the only problem is that this process is very time-consuming and takes a lot of dedication.

Time Required for unraveling:

For short locks, the drill is simple; they can be unraveled within four to eight hours of being installed.

However, longer locks that have been in place for several years may take anything from 18 hours to a day or two. This is to say that the process will have to be divided into days to perform. Make sure you are patient and gentle throughout this procedure.

Unraveling procedure for dreadlocks:

To start, address any major problem you may have. Identify any locks that have fused and any significant matted portions at the base of the hair before attempting to remove individual locks and min

  • Start with soaking your locks in warm water for 10 minutes. For that purpose, fill the sink halfway with warm water. Lean back and allow your locks to submerge in the water completely. Allow your hair to soak for a total of 10 minutes.
  • Use Shampoo and massage small quantities of Shampoo into each part of the lock.
  • Use warm water to help you melt any wax and grease.
  • Before you continue, make sure you thoroughly rinse the Shampoo out of your hair.
  • Conditioners will gel in each lock. Apply small quantities of conditioner to each part of each lock. With the help of fingers, work the conditioner into each strand of hair.
  • At this time, keep the conditioner out of your hair or scalp.
  • Use a towel to wrap your hair by keeping your face out until further. 
  • Gently pry one of the locks apart from the bottom up. Use a metal comb to puncture the bottom of the lock. Work on the knots apart from the bottom up. Moreover, work your way up the entire lock length, gradually increasing your speed.
  • The most straightforward tool to use is a tail comb. You can also use the tip of the tail to breach the bottom of your lock with ease.
  • To get the teeth of your standard comb into the lock's bottom, you'll need to move them into the lock using your fingers.
  • Repeat the procedure with the remaining locks. After you've unraveled one lock, continue the method with the remaining locks to complete the task. Work on each lock one at a time until they are all undone and thrown away.
  • After you've unlocked everything, add additional conditioner to your hair. Ensure that the conditioner stays in your hair for five minutes before washing it out thoroughly.

Aftercare of the dreadlocks:

Take good care of your hair by various methods and products. Your hair may likely appear unhealthy immediately, but you can keep them healthy by washing the hair regularly. Likewise, use conditioners regularly to recover them fast. 

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Combo Technique is the second method.

Detangle the dreadlocks:

Reserve sufficient time since patience is required. While this procedure will take less time than a complete unraveling, it will be more time-consuming than just cutting your locks out.

The process takes from 2 to 15 hours, depending on many factors such as how many locks do you have how much of your natural hair you plan to maintain. The precise length is up to you.

If you wish to maintain some of your hair but have older and stubborn locks, this procedure is the best option.

Combination Procedure for Dreadlocks:


  • Cut the dreads in a straight line from root to tip. Cut one dread at one time and make sure to leave the same amount of dread untouched. 
  • Soak the remaining locks in the solution. Make sure you use warm water for this. Lean your head back, immersing your hair water as you can. 
  • Allow soaking your locks for 5 to 10 minutes. This will give you achieve the perfect results. However, any length of soaking time is preferable to none at all.
  • Once you are done. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Try to use the detangling Shampoo into your hair. Use your fingers to press it gently to absorb it entirely into your hair. 
  • Besides, it is advisable to wash your head afterward. It will remove all the buildups that might interfere with the unlocking. 
  • Before continuing, make sure all shampoos have been rinsed out of your hair.
  • Condition the locks that are still in place. Make tiny incisions into each lock and work your way through them one by one with a conditioner.
  • After using the conditioner, avoid rinsing it out of your hair thoroughly.
  • Remove each lock one by one, slowly but surely; you will get there. With the tailor teeth of a metal comb, pierce the bottom of the lock at the base. Using the comb, take out any loops or tangles formed within each lock.
  • Begin at the bottom of the lock and progressively work your way up to the top of the remaining sections.
  • Repetition of this procedure on each fear, one at a time, until all of the locks have been undone is required.
  • Once more, the situation. Use conditioner on your hair one more once you have undone your braids or buns.
  • Wait a few minutes before washing with warm water to remove any remaining residue.
  • Trim the uneven ends. Straighten out any loose hair and cut the ends to provide a more balanced look across the entire style.

Remember that doing this while your hair is still damp may be the most convenient option. After cleaning up your hair, rather than before, blow-dry it.

Why is care necessary for dreadlocks?

Life is too short for dull hair. However, your healthy hair must be your top priority. Dreadlocks often damage the hair, and it is vital that before trying something new with your hair, you give the hair some time to recover. First, hair that is not cleansed or conditioner-treated regularly appears unclean and unhealthy, but it is noticeably better within a week or two of regular washing and treatment.

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