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Starter Locs for Men: Complete Guide to Cost, Method, Maintenance, and More

Starter Locs for Men

 Starting locs for men is tough as they hesitate to adopt the change in the starting stages. But, once you prepare your mind, you can easily choose the type of dreads. For men, Starter locs are one of the hairstyles that can be molded into other dread hairstyles. Continue reading to know more about the start locs for men, how to maintain Starter locs, and tips for the locs.

What are Starter Locs?

Starter locs, also called beginner locs, are the process of starting the dreadlocks on your hair to lengthen your locs with time. There are many types of Starter locs that you can choose from, such as dread braids, comb coils, two-strand twists, and palm rolls. Hair locking is a lengthy procedure that takes time for maturation, and it includes several phases of the loc journey that come with different consequences.

The final loc maturity depends on several factors such as the hair texture, individual genetics and care regimen. The loc journey progression can be short-term or long-term. In addition, you may experience extra frizz and other hair issues during your loc journey. The locs in the initial phase are known as baby locs or tiny locs. Moreover, the starting phase lasts from three to six months on average.

Whether your goal is to have traditional locs, sisterlocks or achieve freeform locs, all types of dreadlocks begin with the Starter locs. For Starter locs men, different procedures can be adapted according to the hair texture and hair volume.

How to Perform Starter Locs Men?

Starter locs for men are pretty easy to install. As men have short hair, so it is no big deal. You will need some basic things to establish the locs in the hair, such as a metal rat comb, castor oil and some clips of different sizes. The rate comb is an ideal tool to section the hair in the right size. In addition, castor oil keeps the hair well moisturized while installing the locs. Here are the basic steps of installing starting locs men:

1: Cleanse the hair

The first step is to get clean hairbefore starting the process. It is advised to wash the hair with a hair residue-free shampoo and an excellent conditioner to remove any buildup. Completely dry your hair before starting the process.

2: Partition the hair

In the next step, divide the head into various sections. For instance, completely divide your head into the front, middle, and back areas. Once the head is divided into different sections, it becomes easy to continue the process of creating dreadlocks. Now, begin with Starter locs men from the backside of the head.

3: Starter locs for men

Take the portion of hair that you want to deal with in this step. Grab the metal rat comb and take a small amount of the hair. Use the comb to create a crispy separation of the hair. Evenly comb the hair and then take the natural castor oil. Apply castor oil to get the sleek hair for twisting. It will help you remove any clumps in the hair and help you get sleek Starter locs, men.

4: Twist, twist, twist

The last step of the Starter locs is twisting. Once you partition your hair and oil them, use the palm rolling or simple twisting technique to get the Starter locs. Start twisting the hair from the slap and continue twisting till the bottom. Keep the hair twisting until you get the desired twists for the Starter locs. The hair twists must be sleek and contain no tangles or clumps.

5: Cover the head

From the back to the front, cover the head with starters. Firstly, complete the Starter locs at the bac of the head, from the back section move to the next section, the middle section. After covering the middle area, get to the front and complete the front side thoroughly. Look for any hair that requires retwisting. Use different sized clippers for fixing the Starter locs, men.

Which is the Best Method to Get Starter Locs for Men?

There are different techniques for getting the Starter locs for men. Here is the list of different types of Starter locs techniques:

  •  Starter locs with braids
  •  Starter locs with comb coils
  •  Two strand twists as baby locs
  •  Backcombing locs
  •  Interlocking starter locs

Apart from these, many other techniques use hair clips and hair wax to start the locs, but that is not organic. According to the hair loctician and people’s reviews, two-strand twists are among the finest starters locs for men. With as little as 4 inches of shirt hair of men, it is easy to install, and often this method goes longer than any other locs technique. It gives the locs a stronger foundation and results in thicker locs. Plus, depending on the loc size, the method of the two twists strands is best for all hair textures. 

How to Maintain Starter Locs for Men?

To get good hair locs, it is mandatory to take care of the Starter locs for men, and they can be easily managed with simple aftercare tips. For instance, men have short hair, and hence their locs are also small that must be maintained to get perfect hair dread with any other dread type such as sister locs, classy thick locs or Microlocs.

The loctician suggests using silk or satin caps or headscarf at night to save your Starter locs from tangling. In addition, keeping them well covered also helps them protect from weather conditions and dust particles. Here are some other tips that you must follow to get healthy Starter locs for your desired hairstyle:

1: Avoid dreadlock tension

The Starter locs are baby locs that require special attention and after acre compared to other traditional locs. To get healthy locs after beginner locs, keep Starter locs men in place. Don’t use any rubber bands on the locs that add extra tension or stress to the scalp. Most people try to secure the locs with rubber bands, resulting in broken hair and additional strain on the scalp. It damages the hair and affects the health by triggering migraine or severe headaches.

2: Use natural supplements

Using natural supplements with a healthy diet is another way to get beautiful healthy locs with Starter locs. Supplements promote healthy regeneration at the cellular level, which is necessary for long healthy dreads. In addition, it helps in the fast growth of Starter locs for men by inducing the growth factors.

3: Loc care routine

Loc care is an essential step of the whole journey. The loctician suggests washing the Starter locs men once or twice a week. Use residue-free shampoo to avoid any residue or lint buildup in the locs. Additionally, use conditioner to get the locs without any clumps. Completely dry the Starter locs after washing to avoid any moisture buildup that can lead to fungal infections.

Many people think that it is impossible to comb the locs as they can loosen up. But the reality is that you can easily comb your dreads and detangle the locs to avoid matting using the metal rat comb. Moreover, combing is good for locs as it keeps them clean and increases blood circulation.

How much does Starter Locs Cost?

Different types of locs cost differently. The cost range differs for the sisterlocks, traditional dreads and other types of locs. On average, getting the Starter locs ranges from $100 to $150.The price range differs for both genders. In addition, many other factors affect the rates of Starter locs. The price varies depending on the hair texture, length, and technique used. For instance, men have short hair, so the Starter locs for men will be inexpensive compared to the Starter locs for women with lengthy hair.

Pro tip:

Starting the locs at home is a good idea as it does not require any fancy equipment for the process. A pro tip is that before beginning the locs, consult an excellent loctician to get an idea about your hair. Get an analysis done if your hair is compatible to get the locs or not. Moreover, you can get a concept of the right Starter locs technique that will suit you best. Further, a location can guide you about tips and tricks of Starter locs for men that differ from Starter locs for women.

To sum up, Starter locs for men are easy to start, as they take 3 to 6 months of the locs journey for their development. Once they are fully developed, you can mould them into any of your favorite dread types, but the foundation must be strong as your whole journey depends on them.


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