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What Is the LOC Method? Here’s Everything You Should Know

What Is the LOC Method

Are you looking for a natural hairstyle to retain moisture and hydration? You must know the loc method; do not be confused with the locs. The LOC method is a moisturization technique of applying natural hair styling products to hydrate the hair. 

Many hair types, such as tight-textured hair, low porosity hair, and damaged hair, benefit from this technique. Moreover, women with curly hair can take the lead in transforming their dull hair into relaxed hair. Keep scrolling to learn everything about this hair LOC technique. 

What is the LOC method?

The LOC method is the latest layering technique to restore hair by keeping them hydrated. Technically, the LOC abbreviation stands for the sequence of products used in the process; L for Leave in, O for Oil, and C for Cream. All these three ingredients are used to retain the moisture, so it doesn’t dry out completely. 

Natural hairs look perfect when they are healthy and balanced with hydration. The loc hair method is excellent for people with high porosity hair. The porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and maintain moisture. It makes it one of the most significant determining factors in how your hair will respond to a particular hair styling product or technique. The LOC method aids in filling the gaps in the high-porosity hair and keeps them hydrated.

How to do the LOC method?

The LOC method is easy to perform on your hair without getting an appointment. All you need is to follow the correct order of application of different products on your hair. If you are all set to transform your hair from brittle strands with split ends into new and well-hydrated hair, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Leave in Conditioner

In the first step of the loc hair process, section your hair into three to six sections and spray some water to rewet them. Grab your favorite leave-in conditioner and apply it thoroughly from the roots to the tips. Make sure you always apply an extra leave-in conditioner to moisturize every portion of your hair. Further, the amount required for the application depends on your hair length and thickness. 

A variety of leave-in conditioners come with different ingredients. Ensure that you get an organic conditioner that is safe for all hair types and leaves no build-up. A liquid conditioner, however, serves best for dull and brittle hair strands in dire need of hydration. 

Step 2: Oil

Once you have applied the leave-in conditioner and some time has passed, your hairs are ready to get the oil treatment. Choose any of the essential hair oils of your choice. In the beginning, apply a thin layer of oil on the conditioned hair. The oil is applied to seal the moisture in the hair strands for long. Don’t put excessive hair oil so that they look greasy. Apply the hair oil gradually. Keep on adding the oil as you feel the need. 

The hair oils that contain the emulsifiers are ideal for the LOC method as they deliver moisture to the roots and hair shaft instead of just sitting on the hair. Further, hair porosity is vital in choosing the right hair oil. Here is a short list of hair oils from for different porosity levels from which you can choose. 

Neutral porosity hair:

  •   Grapeseed oil
  •   Jojoba oil

Low porosity hair:

  •   Avocado oil
  •   Argan oil

High porosity hair: 

  •   Olive oil
  •   Castor oil

Step 3: Cream 

The next step of the process is coating the hair with a layer of cream that compliments the other two products. When the hair sections are conditioned and oiled correctly, they are ready for the following product that is cream. In the loc methods, a cream or butter-based moisturizer is used in the final step for sealing. For each section of your hair, take adequate cream and apply it. Build up the product gradually according to the need.  

The cream application on all the hair strands is the last step of the process. The final results will leave you in awe as the loc hair well moisturized than ever. The loc methodhair can be styled in any way that you want. 

The LOC Method vs the LCO Method:

The LOC and the LCO methods are identified as the products stay the same, but the order varies. If you have spent some time looking for a suitable method, you may know that the LCO method uses a Liquid leave-in conditioner, a cream and then oil. In this technique, the approach is to use conditioner and cream for extra moisture and use oil as a sealant of all the good stuff. 

The LCO method works best if you have thick, kinky, curly, coiled and dry hair. It retains moisture in thick and coarse hair. But, if you have normal thin, textured and straight hair, you can go ahead with the LOC method as explained above. 

How Often should you do the LOC method?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that how often you can do the LOC method. It depends on several factors, such as the hair type, your scalp condition and your hair’s relationship with oil. Further, it depends on the oil you choose and, last but not least, on your lifestyle. 

If you have curly or wavy hair, your hair may crave more cleansing products than moisturizers. But, if you have textured hair, your hair will require frequent oil treatments. Ideally, you can perform the loc hair method once a week or after one week and a half. Looking at your hair condition, you can decide whether to hair loc or not. 

Does the LOC method grow your hair?

Many people have a misconception that the LOC method grows hair. Keeping your hair hydrated is the key to hair growth and maintenance. Nothing truly makes the growth process slow or faster. The speed of your hair growth is naturally locked into your genetics. However, you can opt for the lush loc method to maintain hair growth. 

Additionally, specific hair styling techniques, such as using different protective hairstyles, put less friction on your hair and manipulate your hair. Locking enough moisture for long time can surely lessen the damage. So, try to keep a healthy balance of hair moisture and proteins. Use a protein treatment to keep your hair from breakage, and enjoy the combination of strong and moisturized hair for an extended period. 

LOC Method Tips:

 A LOC method is not all you need. Consider a few additional things if you are struggling with the LOC method, as they will make your whole process easy:

  •  Keep your hair away from the hard water that destroys natural hair. Use purifying water to wash your hair before getting the best results from the loc method.
  •  Make sure that the leave-in conditioner contains enough water as top ingredients. 
  • · Section your hair into small sections to deliver the three hair products to all the hair. 
  •  To keep your hair moisturized for a long, choose the right style, such as opt buns, braids and twists.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a way to hydrate your high-porous hair, you should opt for the LOC method. Wash your hair with regular shampoo and go ahead with the best hair products. Play around with the hair sectioning and measurements of the products until you find out what works best for your hair. For different types of hair, other hair products may work out. 


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