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Care and Maintenance Tips Your DREADLOCK EXTENSIONS


dreadloc extensions care tips

Dreadlock Extension Care

So Your dreadlock hair extensions have been installed, and your head has started to feel itchy just a week later? Don't worry at all! Just read the fashion guide and learn more about maintaining your dreadlock extensions to make them look fresh.

Can you wash your dreadlock extensions?

Be careful not to get frizz from the wool dreadlock extensions while washing them. It should be fine to wash your roots with shampoo water and massage them gently.

Always rinse well.

We suggest that you not get the rest of the washing wool dreadlock extensions soaked. If you've ever used synthetic hair extensions, you can wash your hair just like usual. Learn more about cleaning artificial dreadlock extensions.


This guide explains how to wash synthetic braid extensions.

Keep your hair clean by washing at least once a week. It will save you from using harsh cleaning products. You should treat your dry hair with a shampoo that is PH-balanced. A hairdryer can cause hair extension damage when set at a hot temperature. So, avoid it as much as possible.

How can you care for dreadlock hair extensions?

Hair and dreads are essential. A moisturizer should contain coconut oil or olive oil. Avoid mineral oils as they can't be absorbed by hair and trap dust and odors. Avoid friction with your pillows at night by covering your head with a silk scarf.

Night care routine for dreadlocks extension

The dreadlocks look incredibly stunning, and there's no doubt about it. This is why you probably let your hair set free during the day but remember you cannot hang these extensions free at bedtime. It's advised to tie hair into a ponytail, braid, or bun.


Remember the general rule of thumb:

Hair gets frizzy whenever they lack moisture. Thus, to keep your hair moisturized, even while sleeping, get a silk pillowcase. Unlike cotton, silk is a fabric that doesn't steal the moisture and keeps your dreadlocks free from getting frizzy.

Why is it essential that you use a water-based moisturizing cream?

Water-based moisturizers are best for your hair. Although you can use oil at any time, they do not provide moisture. They can provide protein, lubrication, or both.


Here are the best hair moisturizers:

Water-based (water is their primary ingredient).

Plant-based butter or oils

Non-synthetic or mineral-free oils


If your moisturizer is a spray, lightly mist it. Moisturize your hair with a creme every day. Apply moisturizer only to dry scalp. Your scalp produces its oils to keep your head moisturized. Keep these dreadlock extensions from getting brittle and dry by keeping them slightly damp or moisturized.

For how long should you keep Dreadlock hair Extension in place?

Dreadlock extensions should be placed within two months to avoid mowing your hair. Because they pull on your hair, we think the two-month mark is the best time to get extensions. You'll not be in hot waters even if your hair is falling for three months.

Otherwise, it could damage your scalp and hair severely. Many websites will tell you to keep your extensions for three months. Although this is fine in theory, it can make your hair look drab and lead by matting your growth hair.