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Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions Pale Blonde (Color # 613)

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Imagine this eye-catching light blond loc woven into your current short locs, creating waves of radiant locs that illuminate the night. This isn’t just a look for superstars and athletes. It’s for you. And, it’s easy to do. Within an investment of a few hours and our high-quality strands of locs, you’ll achieve your desires and look fabulous as you reveal your new self.

We know you may have tried this in the past, and it didn’t go well. Likely, it was the subpar quality of the extensions – synthetic material that frays and frizzes. Not ours, which is true and pure Remy hair extensions made from human hair and perfectly twisted into firm locs that’ll be as permanent as your hair once applied with the included handy crochet needle.

Handcrafted from healthy human hair, our locs:

  • Available in 0.4 cm, 0.6 and 0.8cm diameters
  • Measure 6-18 inches long
  • Packaged with ten extension strand locs (you may need 4-6 packs for a full head)
  • Clean, odor-free, and ready to be crocheted immediately or dyed first
  • Color-safe and heat safe
  • Include 2 extra locs and fabulous hair accessories – needle, rubber bands, and decorative hair clips

This is a no-brainer solution to achieve a style that’s uniquely you – the one you’ve been dreaming of. Take it seriously and hit Add to Cart so we can help you out. You’ll be glad you did.

Color color 613
Material Human Hair
Installation Type Crochet-in
Hair Type Afro-Kinky

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Color well.

Color well. I brought the locs also to replace some old ones that came loose.

These arrived so fast and are beautiful.

These arrived so fast and are beautiful. I ordered the 613 blonde and the color is very pretty. I had questions which were answered very promptly. I’ll order here again and recommend them to anyone.

Chelsea Graham

No problems amazing quality colored mine orange. My stylist will be buying from you all as well. I have locs spreader used these to give me more length.

happy happy

I used these on a client. I bleached them and then deposited vivid color. That means I shampooed 4x and conditioned them. They relaxed and did some budding that made them look and feel natural. Very satisfied

Better than expected!

I took a chance on this company and I’m glad I did. When I first touched the hair I didn’t think it was human hair because it felt a little plastic. I tried the burn test and it passed. The locs didn’t have an odor but after I soaked it in ACV (w/the mother) for 30+ mins, they were a lot softer.

Sure they appeared a little stiff when I got them installed but I loved them! I DID NOT have an itching phase. I’ve had them installed a month now and I feel great. I’ll update after my first wash in a few more weeks.

Please treat the loc extensions gently and carefully, like it is yours. It is more durable and easy to care and if you protect it well. Don't soak it a too long time. Dry it in time after washing. It can be used for a longer time, More than 1 year.

Of course,Can be bleach and dyed by yourself. our locs made from 100% natural human hair, you are free to dye and bleach.

Yes, Can be removed. There are many videos on Yoitube, you can get it easily.

To maximize its lifespan, we recommend constantly washing the hair in cold or warm water, adding some shampoo and massaging gently, rinsing thoroughly in cold water then letting it dry naturally.

Yes. We use human hair to make our locs from 100% human hair. We have the process of making the dreadlocks tested by burning, in which natural human hair emits white smoke and turns to ashes with the touch of a finger. Synthetic hair emits black smoke when it burns and turns into a sticky ball.

The number of extension locs you need depends upon the size of your head and the thickness of your hair. On average most customers only need 60-80 locs. This is usually more than enough for even very thick, long hair and big heads.