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10 Things I Wish You Know Before Starting Hair Locs

10 Things I Wish You Know Before Starting Hair Locs

Dreadlocks are one of the protective hairstyles that are emerging as new trendy hairstyles. Many people are getting hair locs, and many of them are also terrified about certain things such as their maintenance, styling, and more. It is a commitment to your hair that takes a long time the fulfillment. At the start of this process, it is pretty challenging to manage your locs, but after a few months, you can work them well.

If you are someone who wants to get the locks but now dealing with other concerns such as the loc types, loc methods, and aftercare of the hair Locs, this is the article for you. This article will guide you about ten amazing facts that can help you make your decision in no time. Let’s dive deep into some facts about getting the hair locs that will positively influence you.

10 Facts About Hair Locs

Hair locs of many types, such as traditional dreadlocks, sister locks, wicks, etc. But the fact is that they all offer a special kind of influence to the person who opts for this hairstyle. Some people feel positively influenced by life, and others feel proud of their transformed look. In addition, it also affects the mental well-being of the person.

Here are some points that you may not know before locs, but once you get the locs, you experience them. For people looking forward to getting the locs, here is the motivation dose as no one else will tell you about the positive side of the coin.  

1: Low maintenance

Hair locking is a protective hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Different hairstyles require different hair managing tricks. For instance, you use hair fixing sprays for some hairstyles that damage the hair quality. Likewise, other hairstyles require external hair accessories such as bands and beads, which also cause hair breakage.

Dreadlocks is a minimalistic and sustainable approach with no use of hair wax or any other harsh chemical. The process is time-consuming, but it is a low-maintenance hairstyle with no extra chemicals on the hair.

There’s only one drawback of this hairstyle once you get the dreadlocks, they keep on shrinking for some months. The length of dreadlocks shortens with time, and after a few months, the locks become normal. Only retwisting or retightening sessions are required for carrying this hairstyle.

2: No chemicals

Do you want to get rid of the chemicals on your scalp? This is the hairstyle to protect your hair from unnecessary hair chemicals. There is no more need to use expensive shampoo, conditioners, and hair-setting sprays for styling your hair. These chemicals damage the hair texture and create build up in the hair that is not good for hair growth.

People with natural curls are always on the hunt for products that are cleaners. Moreover, it is more guesswork to find the right products for your hair according to your hair type. Further, checking different ingredients of different products and analyzing the right product for your hair is a task. Hair locs prevents this consumeristic mindset and helps you choose your ingredients yourself.

Hair care tips:

  • Loc creams are one benefit that you can make yourself by mixing your favorite ingredients. For the dreadlocks, you know the components of each product that you put on your hair, and in this way, you save your hair from extreme damage and build up. 
  • To keep them moisturized, using organic oils is a good option. Otherwise, people often lose their natural hair due to the excessive use of chemicals on their scalp.
  • Use head caps and headscarves while sleeping. 
  • Use a rat comb for combing the hair and comb them regularly to prevent buildup.
  • Residue-free shampoo is good for dreadlocks as they avoid buildup. 

Hence, this hairstyle's good side is that it doesn’t damage your natural hair and keeps your hair in place with no strong chemicals. It is one of the things that people don’t know before getting the locs and keep thinking about hair care products that will cause damage to the hair and fail to make an early decision.

3: Easily managed

Many people think hair locs require extra care to pill out the dreamy looks. But the fact is that the hairstyle is easy to carry with low to no styling. Once you get the hair locs, the first few months of the process are tough as your hair are in the transitional phase and requires proper hair care while washing, combing, and sleeping with dreadlocks.

In the first 2 or 3 months, the locs keep on matting each other which becomes difficult to manage initially. But after a few months, the hair locs start growing; hence, there is less matting. This is when you experience the beautiful time of your loc journey with a new hair look.  

4: No styling

Loc hairstyle requires no styling. It is one of the advantages of getting the locs that now you don’t need to worry about your hairstyle for the next day. Creating a hair look for some event is quite a task for people with curly or straight hair. In addition, it requires time for hair cleaning, drying and then hours of hard work on creating the unique hairstyle.

With the hair locs, you don’t need to hang your biceps on your head for hours. It gives rest to your arms, and you can use the same time for other body exercises. However, hair locs require hair retwisting by the loctician to provide a professional look to your hair locs. Further, if you are really into trendy hair looks, you can color your hair locs for a change.

5: Spiritual experience

Above all the physical benefits, the hairstyle offers an exceptional experience of some other level beyond normal. It is a long-term commitment to your hair and requires at least eight to fifteen months for loc maturation, and it keeps you grounded.

The person with hair locs cannot do anything abruptly to change their hairstyle, and hence it adds patience to the personality. The people with hair locs feel comfortable in their look and try to manage the look as it is. Thus, this is one of the things that adds a positive influence to your personality and gives you a whole new experience.

6: Social media influence

Now is the time of social influence. In this advanced era, people love following new trends and fashion. Many of the social media influencers who got the Locs experienced a blown up on their social media platforms. This is because people love seeing their favorite personalities adopting their favourite hairstyles. Apart from this, here are other things that you must know about the influence of social media influence if you are looking to get this hairstyle:

1: Acceptance

Many people think getting the hair locs will leave them in isolation. But, the fact is that the loc community accepts you with open arms and appreciate your decision of getting the locs. It is an overwhelmed feeling that no one can experience without getting the hair locs.

2: Inspiration

It is one way of inspiring others. Thousands of people following you on social media platforms will get inspiration from you and decide on their hair transformation.

3: Purpose of life

Life is all about new experiences now and then and enjoying them to the fullest. If you are fond of locs, you will find contentment in your decision, and it will seem like one of the purposes of your life is completed. To sum up, hair transformation has an overall influence on your life that you can’t neglect.

7: Process

Hair locking is a journey that has many highs and lows. The process starts from different methods that locticians use to loc the hair. Moreover, it progresses with varying phases of hair that include hair shrinkage, hair length, and many more. In the beginning, the hair is difficult to manage for 3 to 4 months, but people get used to it.

People feel influenced by the positive energy compared to other people who don’t have locs. The locking process is an overall confidence-boosting procedure that stays with you for the period you have locs. This is the only hair transformation that changes the person's life who gets the dreads.

8: Tap to self

You may not believe this, but it is a life-changing hairstyle that is a tap into your inner self. The hairstyle is a commitment that encourages people to dive deep into themselves and learn what they want. From physical to the mental and spiritual levels, the process helps you learn a lot.

The people who get dreads or other hair locs feel a certain level of protection. In addition, it gives closure to yourself that you are better than the outside world. Furthermore, the hairstyle gives you whole a new idea of the fact that you don’t give attention to other trending hairstyles as you feel comfortable in your look.

Many people will not understand these facts until they get the locs. The people feel comfortable with their new look and enjoy mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

9: Protest the beauty standards

Hair locking is one of the ways of protesting beauty standards. This hairstyle has deep roots in Egypt, and then it emerged in other parts of the world. From white to black, kids to old, male and females, everyone van gets the hair look. Additionally, it is a protest against the beauty standard that leave people with an inferiority complex.

If you are black and have this hairstyle, know that you will carry this hairstyle seven day a week, 365 days a year and a leap year. A good protest against the hair looks that are temporary, and people keep running from one look to other under societal pressure. Hence, this hairstyle is the life savior looking for comfort in a permanent yet trendy hairstyle.

10: Fire look

The hairstyle is something that you can easily manage with whatever hair length and texture you have. Many people have misunderstood that they can’t hitch this hairstyle if they have thin hair or short length. Remember that this hairstyle depends on some factors such as hair length, hair volume and texture. But, you don’t need to worry at all as your loctician will find a suitable loc type according to your hair.

Some hair professionals use the hair crochet method, the combined method or others to give the perfect locs. You can also research various hair locs and select your favorite loc design before getting the style. In the end, you will get the fire look of your hair from the junk.

The process will take at least 3 to 8 months to give you the results, and know that you may not get the exact hairstyle you have imagined. But, one thing is final that you will enjoy the loc journey on successive levels.

Pro tip:

Keep your expectations low and try to enjoy the journey with its elements. To enjoy good results, take good care of your locs. Consult your professional to get the guidance about after care and tips for your locs. Take a professional consultation before making the final decision.

To sum up

Hair locking is more than a hairstyle; it is a life-changing experience that no one can enjoy without getting the locks. Once you get the style, you may wish you had known these facts before deciding earlier. But, it’s never too late to get what you wish for. Complete your research about the hair locs, find a professional and get a whole new look. You will love the look and enjoy the experience for sure.


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