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The Ultimate Guide To WICK DREADS

The Ultimate Guide To WICK DREADS

Transform your hair with Classic Wick Dreads

Wick Dreads, also known as bonks, globs, or Florida dreads, is one of the hairstyles that emerged in the past years. One of the coolest wicks locs hairstyles was adopted from singers to superstars. Now, you may be curious to know what wick dreads are, how to maintain wick dreads and how much they cost. 

This article is all about the wick dreads, their types, and how to get them. First of all, let's dive deep into its history and background. The "wick" hairstyle comes from candlewick, which stands straight up. Short wick dreads mostly stand straight, while the long wick dreads mostly hand downward. 

Additionally, this popular hairstyle is known as "Florida dreads" because it originated from Florida. In Africans and Americans, this hairstyle is quite popular. 

Moreover, most Afro-Caribbean love styling their hair with the wicks over their head. 

The wick dreads are mainstream in the young boys and girls as well. They are famous as Kodac wick dreads after Kodac Black, an amazing singer, and wrapper who adopted this hairstyle. The hairstyle gained popularity after him and emerged very quickly. 

What is Wick Dreads?

The wick dreads are a unique way of creating the dreads. The wick dreadlocks are thick and range from only 4 to 10 dreadlocks covering the whole head. It is a versatile hairstyle with no separation of the dreadlocks. All the dreadlocks are joined at the end of the head. This hairstyle is undoubtedly great because it gives you the freedom to get them as you like. 

In this hairstyle, the round shapes of the locks standstill on the head. Moreover, it resembles another hairstyle named Congo locs formed by combining two or more dread roots until the end. There are many ways of getting the wick dreadlocks, either by more straightforward techniques or rubber bands. 

Further, it is an extraordinary hairstyle that helps you stand out of the crowd with a personalized hair look. The hairstyle is unique in its way, and black took this hairstyle to the mainstream. But, now it is pretty common among all other nations as well.

Wicks vs Congos

Another hairstyle Congo resembles this style, but nothing to confuse much as both hairstyles are different and unique. Congosare formed deliberately by joining two or more dreads at the roots of the hair.  

Moreover, they are joined so that they give spider legs an appearance. Three inches of dreads are left out from the ends to create this style. 

There are more possibilities of creating more dreadlock hairstyles with the Congos as you can join them. Here are more differences about both the hairstyles: 

Number of wicks:

Both the hairstyles have a different number of wicks at the end look. For example, the wick dreads are created from 4 to 10 as much as you like. You can personalize this hairstyle as you want by adding more wicks to your hair. 

On the other hand, the number of wicks in Congos depends on the number of dreads you want to combine. A great trick is to crochet the immature dreads in the beginning to get the perfect look.  


The wick dreads give you the freedom to develop your style according to your style. Moreover, there are different ways to create them. You can create them by using a rubber band or without a band. On the other hand, Congos have only one method of joining the dreads. 


Wicks is one of the thickest dreadlocks that consists of as few as four wicks covering the full head. On the other hand, in the other dreadlock hairstyles, such as Congos, you can create your hairstyle by combining the dreadlocks as much as you want. 

You can join two dreadlocks on ten dreadlocks and easily personalize your style. If your hair is thick, you can create more than four wicks. If your hair is thin, you can transform them into three wicks covering your full head. 

How do you get the Wick Dreads?

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Growing the dreadlocks is quite a process. It takes time to build this hairstyle. If you have curly hair or already dreadlocks in your head, you will be lucky enough to get the hairstyle easily. 

Moreover, people with Afro hair can easily build this hairstyle. There are some ways to develop this style without any difficulty easily.

Additionally, some factors affect the rate of wicks in different hair types. For instance, the number of wicks you need will depend upon your hair volume and hair texture. 

Furthermore, the length of hair is another factor that must be considered while selecting this hairstyle. Having hair growth of six inches is necessary to build this hairstyle. 

Hence, it is important to visit a hair professional and answer all the related concerns before getting the wicks into your hair. 

Now let's glance at the possible ways or techniques of having wicks in the head.

1: Crochet method

This is a popular method that builds the wicks quickly. It is an old method of creating the wicks with the help of a crochet needle. It is easy to build with a crochet needle with two or more fangs. Unlike other techniques of creating dreads, it makes very clean and healthy dreads in the hair. Moreover, the process is instant and involves no waiting for your hair to combine over time. The process is quick and safest as it does not damage the hair. 

2: Freeform method

Another prevalent method of getting the wicks in the hair is freeform. As the term "freeform" suggests, the freeform method allows your hair to lock into its own with no external aid. 

In this technique, the wicks form naturally by the rinse and go method. This method allows the locs to lock on each other. If you observe that your dreads grow into big locks, you can separate the locs in time. Moreover, you get the freedom to repeat the process to obtain your desired look.  

3: Rubber band method

The third method is the rubber band method of creating the wick dreads—an excellent source of adding creativity to your dull hair. In the rubber band method, you tighten your hair for locking with the aid of a rubber band. 

It is a time-taking process as compared to other techniques of creating dreadlocks. But, it leaves a stunning design on your hair, giving the classy yet hip-hop look.  

Many people like getting only four locs on their heads, but you can get more. Take four or more locs and wrap the rubber band around them. It must be covering your head till the end. Wait as long as your hair grows around the bars. 

In the next step, remove the band after 3 to 4 weeks. Removing the hair bands is necessary to prevent the bands from locking your hair. Also, keep them of the same size and notice the pattern and placement points of the rubber band so that you don't forget any of them in the head.

4: Combine method

The combined method is an easy way of getting the wick dreads. A well-known method creates the locks by tying the existing dreadlocks. Get your desired look by using a rubber band or crochet technique along with the combined technique. 

In most cases, just like the Congos hairstyle, young dreadlocks are thoroughly combined with the entire length to achieve the perfect wicks in the long straight hair.

Additionally, the process allows the locs to combine and fuse for the infamous upright. Most people like the loose and poofy wicks. It results in a unique look. 

So, you can easily opt for the best hair look that suits your personality. 

How long does your hair need to be for the wicks?

It is a frequently asked question from the hair experts that how long the hair should be to get the perfect poofy wicks on the head. You may be wondering about the required length of the hair. The answer is that other than hair length, hair texture and hair volume also count.

Mostly, the hair experts recommend a length of six inches to start the wicks. So, if you want to build the bonks from your naturally grown hair, as low as six inches is enough to start the procedure.

Additionally, if you have hair longer than six inches, you can choose any method of getting the globs. For instance, use the rubber band method for long hair. Likewise, a crochet needle is another good way of getting the desired look without getting short with your hair. Further, your hair expert can recommend you go short or not to grow the wicks.

How much do the wick dreads cost?

Different types of dreads have different rates. Depending upon the type of dreadlocks, the charges are separate. The cost of dreads depends upon several factors such as the width of your wicks, number of wicks, time, and experience of your wicks.  

Different salons charge differently. Some charge at the rate of per hour while others demand according to their expertise. The wick dreads from 2 inches to 5 inches cost from $200 to $400. Likewise, the Jambo wick dreads cost approximately $120. 

Contacting the loctician for a professional and good experience is recommended. Depending on your chosen method, the expert will guide you right about the number of wicks and total cost. 

How to wash and care the wick dreads?

Taking care of the wicks is very important for the overall hygiene of the hair. The wick dreads require extra maintenance while sleeping, washing, and drying. Wicks are easy to maintain with fewer tips. If you lose your wicks, you can get them to tighten from your hair expert after some time.  

Wash the wicks just like you wash your dreadlocks. Use the tail comb after drying. Moisturize the head scalp to keep the locks safe from dandruff and lice. 

Here are a few of the important tips for maintenance of the wick dreads for more extended periods:

  •  A residue-free shampoo is a good option to wash the wick dreads.
  •  Pay attention to the roots of the hair along with the locs.
  •  Wash the locs once a week or twice a month with great care.
  •  Don't let your locs become extra dirty and oily to wash as build-up because it can result in faster hair loss.
  •  Take care of your scalp and your locs by moisturizing.
  •  Use conditioner after washing the dreads so that you comb them easily.
  •  Cover the wicks with a headscarf or silk cloth to tie your dreads while sleeping.
  •  Use a clean towel, air dry, or blow dryer for drying the locs after washing.
  •  Stay away from heat to prevent unnecessary damage to the wicks.
  •  Spray the rosewater into your wicks for hair growth.
  •  Keep your scalp healthy to keep you locs healthy.
  •  Use warm water for washing the wicks and rinse with cool water at the end. 


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Can you comb out Wicks?

The wicks seem difficult to manage but trust me, These are not. If you properly care for the wick by properly washing them and preventing the build-up, you can maintain them easily. 

Now the question is, can you comb out the wicks? Well, yes, the dreadlocks can be combed out if cared for properly. For combing hair, use a very thin hair comb or the rat tail comb that is commonly used for hairstyling. 

Take fewer portions and comb your wicks to remove the entrapped dirt particles. Moreover, use rosewater to keep them strong and enhance hair growth.

To sum up

To sum up, trying a new hairstyle out of your comfort zone seems challenging in the first place, but tips and tricks can manage it. Wick dreads a unique hairstyle that looks unique and attractive. Before choosing this hairstyle, we advise you to visit the hair specialist to get a fair idea of the pros and cons of this hairstyle according to your hair type, length, and texture.  


How do you get wick dreads?

There are many ways of getting the wick dreads. You can create them by a freeform, rubber band, combine, and crochet needle techniques. All four are a great way of getting the desired looks. 

How long is to lock the wick dreads?

The process of getting the wicks is a time taking process. It takes ten months to even two years to get the final wicks. But, depending upon the hair texture and hair growth rate, some people get them in one year. 

Who started the wicks hairstyle?

The hairstyle originated from Africans and Americans. Moreover, it is prevalent among the Afro-Haitian and Caribbean communities. So, the hairstyle had roots in Africa, and black people made this hair look mainstream.

How to sleep with the wick dreads?

There are many ways of sleeping with the dreadlocks, such as using a silk cloth or satin bedding. Other ways include:

  •  Using a sleep cap.
  •  A headscarf.
  •  Ditching the pillow.



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