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Permanent Loc Extensions: What It Is, Pro, Con and More

Permanent loc extensions

Permanent loc extensions are one of the techniques that not only add extra length, volume, and style to your hair but also give the a new and gorgeous hair look. The hair looks natural with extensions. Get the extensions according to your style and comfort, depending on the hair characteristics such as hair volume, texture, and length. 

Are you negligent of the importance of permanent loc extensions and how to keep them for a long? This article will describe how to install permanent loc extensions, maintain permanent locs extensions, the pros and cons of permanent loc extensions for human hair, and much more. We'll also give you some valuable tips and tricks to make the permanent loc extensions installation as easy as possible. So continue reading to learn more about permanent loc extensions of human hair. 

What are Permanent Loc Extensions?

Permanent loc extensions are the natural human hair threads crocheted in the form of dreads to give the natural human hair extra length and volume. It is the hairstyling technique for transforming loose, natural hair into locs that look beautiful and natural. The locs are added to the natural locs to increase the length of your current locs. Depending on the characteristics of your hair, you can start them with just 2 inches of natural hair locs. Each Loc is made from 100% crimped natural human hair without glue or any hair setting product such as hair wax.

Permanent locks are designed to last for years, and you can grow your hair with loc extensions. Various colors are available, and your location can color them after months of installation. Permanent locks are made from human hair and help grow natural hair into locs without the hassle of short starter loc stages. Are you interested in getting your loc extension? You need to know!

How Long Do Permanent Loc Extensions Last?

As the name depicts, the loc extensions stay longer in the head than other loc types. This is because the locs are natural, so they are easy to carry with the natural locs. However, their shelf life varies depending upon the type of hair used in the loc extensions. In addition, the human hair locs are easy to maintain compared to the treated hair by bleach and color. So, the natural locs last longer if taken care of properly.

Depending on the hair type and proper care, the extension may last 1 to 3 years. Synthetic extensions can be completely removed from the natural locs if needed. Human hair extensions are more "permanent" because they are tightly crocheted to natural dreadlocks.

How Much Do Permanent Loc Extensions Cost?

There is no easy way to answer this question, but generally, you should expect to pay an additional $300 to $ 800 for dreadlocks extensions and $300 to $ 600 for installation. All vendors and all stylists are different, so you need to contact the stylist and vendor to determine the specific price that suits your needs.

Some hair experts and locticians charge for the installation of permanent loc extensions depending on their skills, knowledge, and experience. The overall expenses of getting the locs are quite hefty as it needs several bundles of natural loc extensions which are quite expensive. In addition, the services of the hair professional in locs installation. Moreover, the retwisting sessions are additional charges to pay for their maintenance. The story does not end here as you must buy some hair care products to keep them in good condition. So all these charges combine to charge you for your locs journey.

How Do You Maintain Permanent Loc Extensions?

People believe that having natural locs extensions is not easy because of the need for proper aftercare and maintenance. In addition, retouching sessions are needed to keep them in shape. That's true, but it's not easy to put on permanent hair extensions. Like natural hair extensions, it also requires proper time and attention. 

Hair locticians are the best people to seek advice and guidance on hair loss concerns and other issues. Installing the permanent loc extension usually takes 10 to 16 hours. Also, the time may vary depending on the length, size, and number of locs. Using 100% natural human hair, install the locs extension that is easy to maintain and style. Loc extensions grow with natural hair, so they are quite easy to maintain. Loc Extensions are made from 100% natural human hair and can also be dyed and styled differently. Several things can help you manage and maintain the loc extensions.

1: Washing

The hardest part of loc extensions maintenance is that you need to avoid shampoo first. They can be washed, but waiting as long as possible is helpful before using the first shampoo. There are many products for cleaning the scalp without soaking the hair. A good dry shampoo, scalp cleanser, or old-fashioned witch hazel will work. The locs need to keep the moisture for a long time. They need a clean and hygienic connection, especially between extensions and natural hair. Dirt, product residues, scales, and fluff can be easily trapped in the locs themselves. If not cleaned, dirt will be trapped inside when the locs hardens. It leads to the buildup in the locs, which is further problematic in causing fungal infections and mildew formation.

The hair experts recommend washing the locs only twice a week. Further, they don't recommend washing the locs more than twice. Extra wash is prone to thinning and breaking of the locs. So, try to maintain a balance.

2: Moisturize

Almost everything you love most about summer — sunlight, chlorine, salt water — removes moisture, and shines, which makes the permanent loc extensions look flat and dull. To avoid this, it is important to moisturize the locs regularly. This also helps prevent unwanted frizz. First, spray hair essential ​​oil or rosewater on your locs. Buy a small squirt bottle, fill it with purified water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, then put it in a summer bag and sprinkle it freely. It will help you keep your locs well moisturized for long in harsh weather.

The proper moisturization routine will help you solve all the hair issues, such as the dry scalp, itching on the scalp, and frizzy hair. Additionally, it will make them soft and manageable.

3: Grooming

When left unattended for an extended period, new growth gives the loc a frizzy appearance. The primary purpose of loc maintenance is to maintain the new growth. Interlocks and twists are the two main ways to do this. Twisting should usually be repeated every 2-3 weeks or after washing the hair. The mesh lasts 2-3 months and usually retains a clean look after washing or swimming

4: Sleeping

Sleeping with the loc extensions can be very disturbing for the people who install them for the first time. The locs are long, and more in number can cause extra stress. In addition, they feel heavy while sleeping. Sleep with the locs by covering your head using the hair cap. If you want to keep your locs good in shape, use the hair bonnet, durag, or soft silk bedding to avoid matting and tangling.

How Long Does It Take to Install Permanent LOC Extensions?

Permanent locs installation is quite a task. Besides hair maintenance, the locs installation process can require a lot of time. However, remember that it is time-consuming and depends on various factors. First of all, the number of locs determines the time. For instance, if you want to install the locs for your whole head, it may take many hours. Likewise, it will be time-consuming if you want to add the locs for the entire length of your hair locs.

On average, it takes almost 8-10 hours for permanent loc extensions installation. The time also varies depending upon your hair expert's skills. If the professional is a pro, they may be able to complete the task in a shorter span. But, the average time is 10 hours for permanent extensions. We suggest getting the installation by a professional to avoid any side effects. Set an early meeting with your hair professional and consult about the timing, cost, and other significant concerns before making the final decision.

Permanent Loc Extensions Pros and Cons

Hair loc extensions have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. One must complete their part of the research to know if the process will be beneficial for their hair locs or not. The best way is to look for people online with locs extensions. Take their opinion and get honest reviews. The other method is to consult a highly professional hair loctician and ask if your hair locs diameter and texture can support the loc extensions.

Additionally, to help you with this issue, we present some pros and cons of the process. So have a look and decide if locs are in your favor.


Some major pros of locs will help you go for the loc extensions, such as:

1: Styling

There is one major pro of getting the loc extensions which is styling. Styling is easy; setting your hair naturally takes patience, especially if you like being able to style your hair. To be honest, you may not be able to style your hair at first. But don't worry. It's free with the loc extension. Adjust your hair as much as you like! With the natural locs, the permanent loc extensions make the perfect pair of styling. Style your locs in the buns, braids, and more without damaging your natural hair.

2: Low maintenance

The locs are easy to maintain as the permanent loc extensions are made up of natural hair, so they are easy to maintain. Treat the loc extensions as your natural hair, and you are good to go—no need to get your hands on expensive hair care products. Just try to keep your extensions neat and clean by washing them. Wash the locs twice a week to avoid any buildup. Use residues-free shampoo to wash the locs normally.

Keep them well moisturized with essential oils. Massage the locs and scalp with oil to enhance blood circulation, which will help in hair growth. Additionally, cover the locs while sleeping, and you are good to go with this routine.

3: Keep your hair

People who want to get the locs and relax their hair may need to get the permanent locs. But, they fear the locs will cause potential side effects on their natural hair. The loc extension eliminates these concerns as the hair is entangled in the extension and does not interfere with the locking process. It keeps the natural hair natural without disturbing it and doesn't cause any effects on the scalp.

4: Wash as you desire

If you have done enough research about locking your hair, you must know that washing them may initially feel challenging. However, with natural human hair loc extensions, you can wash as much hair as you like from the first minute without worrying about loc unraveling. Further, no need to look for specific shampoos, just like in the case of synthetic loc extensions.


There are two sides to a story. So, before you conclude, here are some cons of the process:

1: Not much versatile

The loc extensions, when added with the natural locs, become thick in diameter. This makes them difficult to style in the beginning. But, once you become comfortable with these thick locs, you can manage them well. This is the first disadvantage of the locs extensions. They don't offer many styling options.  

2: Thick and dense

The locs become thick and dense with additional permanent loc extensions. Thin locs are soft, more petite in diameter, and easy to style. They can be molded and managed in any style, from thin braids, ponytails, and half-buns. But the extensions are thick and dense, so they stay in the same style for months.

3: Extra weight

The loc extension is added to the natural hair locs so that they can be the cause of some extra stress. Human natural hair becomes thick and adds extra weight to the scalp. As a result, the scalp may feel stressed and cause headaches or migraine. It can also trigger other head issues.

4: Itchiness

The locs journey has side effects such as a dry or itchy scalp. Frizzy hair is the one side effect of hair locs, but permanent loc extensions can cause itchiness.

To sum up, permanent loc extensions naturally add extra length and volume to the hair. One must complete their part of the research before starting the style. Check for the timing, cost, pros, and cons of the loc extensions, and then take the final decision.


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