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Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

Our synthetic dreadlock extensions are getting popular due to their versatility. They consist of synthetic fiber, just like doll hair. Resembles the braided extensions, but they are effortless to install and remove on dreaded and undreaded hair.

Handmade Double Ends Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions (5 Extensions, 10 Dreads when folded)

Handmade Double Ends Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions (5 Extensions, 10 Dreads when folded)

from $33.00
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Handmade Single End Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions (10 Strands per Bundle)

Handmade Single End Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions (10 Strands per Bundle)

from $33.00
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Questions to Ask Before You Order Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

There are different types of synthetic deadlock extensions from different brands to textures and lengths. So, different types of synthetic dreadlocks have different costs. Their price range depends on their characteristics, such as single-ended, double-ended, number of strands, material, and dreads length.

For instance, yarn dreadlocks are cheaper and start from $50. On the other hand, Faux, Afro, and other dreadlocks are expensive and look natural. They range from $200 to $300, depending on various features. Therefore, you can also choose the dreadlocks according to your natural hair texture. If you have thin hair, you can go for the double-ended. Likewise, single-ended dreadlocks are suitable for people who don’t want unnecessary weight on their heads. From as low as $50 to a maximum of $1000, various dreadlocks are available in the market. Moreover, different textures with different price ranges can help you choose the dreads within your budget.

Yes, you can also add permanent synthetic dreadlock extensions. It depends upon the quality of dreadlocks as high-quality dreadlocks are mainly durable. Moreover, the dreadlocks with great texture last longer. You can easily install synthetic dreadlocks and wear them for 1-2 years, and some people have experience of wearing them for more than several years. It all depends upon the hair quality and how you maintain them well with your natural hair.

With proper care, you can increase their use for a longer duration. If you have wanted the dreadlock extensions in your hair for more than three months, you can still install them, and you have the option to take them down when you want. The extensions can be removed without damaging the natural hair even after three months. Moreover, if properly cared for, the synthetic dreadlock extensions last up to 2 years, which is an excellent advantage of purchasing the synthetic dreadlocks.

Washing the dreadlocks is a good idea to keep them clean from residue buildup. Synthetic dreads have the advantage that you can wear up and down and even wash them without damaging them. The dreads are relatively easy to wash as compared to natural dreadlocks. You can shower your scalp using the usual shampoo and use the shampoo on synthetic dreads that are meant for dreads.

Dreadlocks accumulate the buildup, so using a residue-free shampoo is favorable. Skip the conditioner and don’t wash the dreads frequently. Avoid hot water and try to use lukewarm otherwise, it can damage their texture.

Moreover, try not to wash the dreads frequently as it shorter their life span and results in messy synthetic threads. Less washing increases the life span of dreadlocks and will help you maintain a neat look, and it also prevents their early fuzziness. If you are not comfortable washing the dreads with natural hair, wash the dreadlocks in the washing machine and hang them to dry.

Getting synthetic hair lock extensions is a good approach to add extra volume to your hair. Synthetic dreadlocks require zero styling. But still, if you want to style your hair, curling, braids, and a ponytail is suitable for creating a unique look. Curling is an option to add more style to your dreadlock extensions.

Undoubtedly, curled hair lock extensions look surreal. But, curling the hair extensions using heat equipment is not recommended.Unlike the natural human hair lock extensions, synthetic extensions contain synthetic fiber like plastic, wool, or other material. The dreadlocks can melt quickly with high temperatures, and human hair can bear different high temperatures that synthetic dreadlocks lack. They can’t bear heath that, so try to avoid giving them heat for any hairstyle as much as possible. Apart from this, you can use rollers and staying spray to get the desired curly hairstyle with no heat.

Dreads start unraveling if worn out for more extended periods. For instance, you can wear dreadlocks for 10 to 12 weeks, but more time can untie the dreads. You don’t need to worry if this happens to you because it is pretty common. There are a few solutions for unraveling deadlocks, such as:

·Take a toothbrush and comb the dreads by slight teasing. Then, twist them back. Use a few drops of water and a blow dryer to get the raveled dreadlocks. Note that the blow dryer temperature is average because it can melt the dreadlocks. Wear the fixed dreadlocks and watch the time frame to avoid their unraveling.

· Use the hair glue to twist the opened dreadlocks. Twist them tightly and apply the glue. The glue will hold the dreadlocks in their place. Please wait for the glue to dry completely, and then wear them again.

·Preserve your dreadlocks with the help of a heavy-duty elastic hairband at the tips. Tighten the band tightly as it doesn’t affect the hair and prevent them from unraveling.

Dreadlocks can be worn as long as you want, but if you want to keep them with great care, try to refrain from wearing them for small durations. Wear for the time required and remove them. You can wear dreadlocks for months, but it is not good to wear dreadlocks for more than 12 weeks because it starts damaging.The side effects of wearing dreadlocks are that they cause residue buildup in hair and severe unnecessary damage such as tangling and matting. In addition, long-term use of synthetic dreadlocks results in itching and irritation.

Must deep cleanse your hair after removing the extensions. Plus, wash the synthetic dreadlocks with a residue-free shampoo to remove the residue buildup. Fuzzy dreadlocks damage the look, so trimming is also a good idea to increase their shelf life. Cut the frizzy ends of the synthetic dreadlocks to get a neater and tidy look.

Single-ended dreadlocks are manufactured with a single loop at the end. They come in two different lengths, like 30cm or 50cm. A loop at the end of single-ended dread requires you to braid your hair. Perfect for the people who like don’t want the extra weight of the braids on their head. 50 synthetic single-ended dreadlocks are recommended for complete head coverage. 

Furthermore, single-ended dreadlocks are perfect for the sensitive areas of the head because they are lightweight. Some people like to match and mix single and double-ended dreads for the sensitive areas of their scalp. Transform your hair by experimenting with the types of synthetic dreadlocks as per your comfort. Additionally, you can choose the count of dreadlocks as per your natural hair texture. 

Double-ended dreads are one long end dread and folded in half so that each dread looks like two dreads. A single, double-ended dreadlock has two lengths; 25 cm or 45cm. These are high-quality dreads and need less work than single-ended dreadlocks. Double-ended dreadlocks are a great way to add extra volume to your head, but they also add up extra weight to your head. Usually, 60 to 70 double-ended extensions are enough for people with straight hair to cover the whole head. 

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