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Dreadlock Needle 6 Set (1 Hook 2 Hooks 3 Hooks)

3-7 days delivery worldwide ---30 days hassle-free return/refund

  • ※※Dreadlock crochet needle , original ecological resource Made by hand. Two or three needles attached to the hook bc those tend to work faster than the single needle,so you have more choices from this group , hand made loc extensions instant interlocking.
  • ※※Dreadlock crochet hooks is forged from high quality carbon steel ,with a nature bamboo handles. Sturdy and durable, not easy to deform and break when used.Its perfect bend of the hook minimizes damage to the dreads.
  • ※※Dreadlock crochet needle smooth and polished with comfortable extremely lightweight nature bamboo handles which finishes hours of crocheting and help to avoid hand fatigue. Will not hurt your head skin and hair.
  • ※※Dreadlock crochet needles effective and safe tools suitable for braided hair braids, dreadlocks, dread extensions, and maintain dreads, basically meet your needs.
  • ※※Dreadlock crochet needle package include: 3 pcs different crochet accessories. 1 hook, 2 hooks and 3 hooks.Brand E-Uli or JOSDIOX will be shipped in random. We are committed to creating the best customer service of the dreadlock crochet hook. If you are unsatisfied, pleaes kindly contact us for an exchange or refund.