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Can White People Get Dreads?

can white people get dreads

White people and dreadlocks? The topic is now wide with interesting incidents. Dreadlocksare mostly associated with black people, but the hairstyles are not linked to the nationalities. 

In the starting, white people used to get cat-called for adopting this look but now dreads on white are accepted. Justin Bieberadded fuel to cultural appreciation with his new look of dreadlocks. After that, many other celebrities emerged as trendsetters.  

Dreadlocks are trendy hairstyles that are now common among all races. It originated from the Egyptians who created them for the first time. Then, gradually it became the hairstyle associated with Jamaican and Rastafarian culture. 

Black people are obsessed with this hairstyle, but now this article will address dreads of white people. Can white people get dreads? Can white people have dreadlocks? Regardless of the hair type, all kinds of hair can eventually chunk together. There are quite a few specific looks of wearing the dreads, and it includes the very popular traditional locs, sisterlocks, and freeform locs. 

Now, more types are also available: the very famous wicks, Brotherlocks and many more. 

Additionally, there are many methods of getting the locs, but they depend upon the hair texture. Now. Let’s dive deep into the topic of dreadlocks on white people. 

Can white people get dreads naturally?

Dreadlocks refer to the “locs” or “locks” in the hair. Getting the locks organically requires refraining from the daily combing, and it is tough to get the dreadlocks organically. 

The history of this trend lies in the Egyptians, which gradually extended to other nationalities, and Africans were also the ascendants to adopt this hairstyle. 

However, in this constantly revolutionizing world of fashion and trends, every race in the world can experience this style. Hence, white people can get the dreads naturally by holding back the hair without combing. 

Furthermore, there are many ways to get the dreads without using any external aid. If you want to get the dreads naturally, visit a loctician and learn about factors that you must consider while creating the locs. 

How can white people get dreads?

Different races own different textures of hair. For instance, mostly black people have black hair with good thickness. Likewise, mostly black races have curly hair as compared to white people. Now, the question is, can white people with thick hair get dreads? 

The answer is yes.Locks can form in all textures, but the methods may vary. Here are a few ways of creating the dreads in white people who own thin hair and less volume. 

1: Backcombing Dreads on White

Backcombing Dreads on White

Mostly white people have straight, silky and shiny blonde hair. The curly hair is prone to Locs as compared to straight-textured hair. Backcombing is the easiest method to get the dreadlocks. In this way, the straight hair can also be locked easily. 

The white people who want to create the dreadlocks in their hair can easily develop dreads using this. First, shampoo your hair to remove oil and residues for this technique. In the next step, completely blow dry your hair and partition them into equal small sections. 

Secure the areas with rubber bands and backcomb your hair. Roll the sections in your palms and tangle up in clumps. Again secure the ends of your hair with rubber bands. You can also use petroleum-free dread wax to get the perfect results at this step. 

2: Wool Hat Method

​wool dreads

Another amazing method of creating dreadlocks in white people is the wool hat method. You may have observed people with dreadlocks wearing wool hats. 

This is one of the best methods to naturally create the perfect dreads in straight hair and different hair textures. In this technique, put a wool hat on yours head and rub it in a circular motion. It will create knots in the hair that will lead to dreadlocks. 

You can gently pull them apart to create different sections that naturally become dreadlocks. It is an ideal technique for long straight hair.

3: Freeform method

Freeform dreads

Another amazing method of creating dreadlocks for white people is a freeform method called the neglect method. Most people feel curious that can white people get neglected dreads? 

The answer is positive. The neglect method requires a lot of patience and time than other techniques. Depending upon the hair volume, texture, and length, it can take from one to three years. 

It is a slow process that includes not washing your hair but oiling the scalp for slow results. Curly hair can get results faster with this method. 

How do white people dread their hair?

Dreads on white people have become popular in the past years when many of the celebrities and singers supported this trend. White people get the dreads just like the black people do. 

The methods above are quite helpful for white people for creating the dreads. Additionally, there are many other methods that loctician use for creating the dreads in straight hair, such as:

Crochet: In this technique, the hair is divided into small sections and crochet using the crochet needle. It gives you the look of dreads instantly.

Dread perm: The process starts with the coils wrapped around the hair. A relaxer is then applied to break the bonds between hair, and this technique develops tighter locks in the silky hair. 

Comb coils: Comb coil requires twisting hair into coils with a rat comb. With the comb coils, you can make thin dreads in the long silky hair with great ease. 

To sum up, now the questions are answered like can white people get dreads? 

How do white people get dreadlocks? Anyone can adopt any hairstyle regardless of their nation, culture, religion, and identity. 

Moreover, getting the dreadlocks is quite more straightforward, but maintenance is necessary. So, get the dreads and look after them to keep them fresh. Use a residue-free shampoo. 

Use a headscarf while sleeping. Hence, getting the dreads is not challenging for white people, but their maintenance needs time and attention. 

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