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Extra Small Human Hair Loc Extensions (0.4cm)

✔️4-7 days delivery worldwide
✔️ 30 days hassle-free return/refund
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✔️Ships out in 48H

✔️Free gift----needle, cap,accessories

These dreadlock extensions are made of 100% human hair. These locs have a natural black color and feel like matured, aged, natural grown locs. Each loc is handmade and unique. These are ideal for both new locs or repairs on broken locs. They can be added to existing locks to add length and thickness or repair damaged areas due to breakage or over-processing.

Color : Natural Undyed Black

Sold in 10 locs per bundle 


☆Extra Small-(0.4 cm): 5-7 bundles needed

About the wash and condition locs extensions.

The hair is 100% human hair, allowing your extensions to be washed and conditioned using the same techniques as a regular wash. Washing the hair regularly will keep it healthy and shiny and extend the life of your loc extensions.

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Usually, your order will be shipped out in less than 48 hours.


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30 days free return and refund


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Zelq Wow
so fast and feel great

I read the reviews after searching high and low and getting scammed once, but this company and it seller is legit, I got my love fast, both orders and they look and feel great, highly recommend!!!

I am so in love with my locs!

I am so in love with my locs! Thank you so much for promptly responding to my messages and answering my questions!

Randy Davis

Perfect no itchy feeling, added on to my own dreads
Good quality hair.

Looks great, super itchy!

When I first got my lock extensions installed, I was very excited. And it does look natural and beautiful but I will say that these extensions irritate my scalp. I’ve had them for about six weeks and it’s still very itchy on my scalp. I’m not sure whether or not I will keep them in long-term because it’s literally impossible to get any thing done with them without it terrorizing my scalp. I’ve tried all kinds of different products like sulfur 8, oils, moisturizing sprays, conditioners… You name it. Nothing has worked, and it is always worse with a fresh Retwist. My scalp develops, red, angry, and scaly, bumps. I’m hoping that it can still work out. The hair is also very rough and has a Brillo pad like texture. So far there’s nothing that I have done to that worked to make it softer.

Chey Marie
Yes I it's worth it!

I purchased these and received them pretty fast. I was able to dye them to my exact color with no issue. The installation was fine as well. I rate the locs a 4/5 the only reason I say that is because in the beginning it was itchy on the scalp but they have hair products to handle that. I handled that the same day. The problem is sometimes the hair can itch on your bare skin as well. However I am noticing the longer I have them in the hair is now feeling and looking like a regular loc coming out my head and the itch is decreasing day by day. It's no longer feeling wool like. With time the texture is getting softer to touch and not brillow pad like anymore but the loc still looks solid if that makes sense.
I love my hair regardless.

Please treat the loc extensions gently and carefully, like it is yours. It is more durable and easy to care and if you protect it well. Don't soak it a too long time. Dry it in time after washing. It can be used for a longer time, More than 1 year.

Of course,Can be bleach and dyed by yourself. our locs made from 100% natural human hair, you are free to dye and bleach.

Yes, Can be removed. There are many videos on Yoitube, you can get it easily.

To maximize its lifespan, we recommend constantly washing the hair in cold or warm water, adding some shampoo and massaging gently, rinsing thoroughly in cold water then letting it dry naturally.

Yes. We use human hair to make our locs from 100% human hair. We have the process of making the dreadlocks tested by burning, in which natural human hair emits white smoke and turns to ashes with the touch of a finger. Synthetic hair emits black smoke when it burns and turns into a sticky ball.

The number of extension locs you need depends upon the size of your head and the thickness of your hair. On average most customers only need 60-80 locs. This is usually more than enough for even very thick, long hair and big heads.